Media Buffoons' Attempted Character Assassination of Kanye West

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CNN's Don Lemon turned mighty sour in his attempted take down of Kanye West.

First, on his own show, Lemon laughed in agreement when a guest said that "Kanye West is what happens when Negros don't read." He then singled out the only white panel member of the segment "I'm just looking at Scott's face. Scott's like whoa," (I should note that Scott's face really didn't move all that much.) Don Lemon also continues the segment when the other panel member calls Kanye "the Token Negro of the Trump administration."

Later the next day on CNN's The Situation Room, Lemon kept up the offensive as he desperately tried to paint the Kanye West-Donald Trump Summit in a bad light.

Kanye was putting on a "minstrel show."(a reference to a show that mocked people specifically of African descent typically performed by white people in blackface or under the direction of white people.)

Four-member band in black face make-up playing tambourine, fiddle, banjo and percussion in exaggerated poses.He was"embarrassing African Americans."

"Kanye's mother is rolling over in her grave."

"Back up from the cameras and go get some help."

The berating from the media continued throughout most all mainstream outlets in frantic attempt to stop whatever positivity the Black community (or American Society as a whole) could gain from West's discussion with President Trump of problems within and potential solutions for the African-American community alongside community activist and NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown.

On MSNBC, the coordinated effort to silence Kanye and his Pro-Tump message continued, as Michael Eric Dyson called for Kanye West the "billionaire" to "cease the interventions through media of trying to engage issues in which you don’t have sophisticated comprehension and knowledge."

It seem like each commentator tried to out-do the others, blasting the star from all angles.

Dyson, much like Lemon, later shames Kanye by again invoking the death of his mother, and then somehow diagnosing him with PTSD as justification an intervention "on his behalf" to sever the Kayne-Trump's synergy.  Dyson had plenty of venom left for President Trump, stating that "[w]e as African-American people can not stand idly by while West give[s] cover a to man who has proven to be a white supremacist."

So in summary, Kanye is nuts, and Trump is a racist that's using him. 

What the media has failed to grasp  is the more negative coverage they pump out railing on a certain subject, the more people become interested and aware of it.  In this case, the subject is President Donald Trump, and thanks to their "efforts" to discredit him in the African-American community, he has reached more black voters, who are now aware of his actions to improve their economic and social situation. 

The failure of the "Media Propaganda Machine" to paint the Brown-West-Trump Summit as "Blitzkrieg of Blathering Ignorance" gives the 77% of Americans and 92% of Republicans further reason to believe that the mainstream media intentionally reports "fake news." That is today's lesson learned. 

And that's the JACT Perspective.

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