What I Did On My Worst Summer Ever

Me and Bubba :-)
So it's been a while since I posted anything on the site: it's time to explain what has been going on - which is probably my worst summer ever.

You may have seen in previous posts on social media earlier in the year that I have had a tough go of things physically - I had been very weak, out of breath, lost all stamina. I was in a bad way. so much so that I put all radio show activities on the shelf indefinitely.

At the end of June, after months of testing, including a cardiac catheter, I finally found out what was wrong, and what needed to be done.

I had gone into heart failure.

Specifically. I had 4 blocked arteries to my lower left chamber of my heart, which had severely weakened. I needed quadruple bypass surgery to correct it.

After getting over the initial shock (turning 40 didn't help, neither did knowing that so many men in my family had succumbed to heart ailments at an early age) my family and I got right on to getting better.

I got SO lucky: my cardiologist connected us with an AMAZING cardiovascular surgeon who had an immediate opening at North Shore University Hospital. On July 3rd, he got me through the surgery, and my heart showed signs of immediate improvement. Dr. Alan Hartman gave me a new lease on life.

Since then, I have been on the mend. That has meant lots of rest, lots of meds and lots of work. Little tasks that sitting up out of a chair and walking became milestones. I got back home today 10 days after surgery, adjusting to a new reality and new challenges: personal, physical, mental, professional and financial. I've dropped 50 pounds post-surgery: a product of getting the heart pumping properly to expel and whole bunch of water weight. This is a new start.

My universe has been slowly expanding ever since.  First, it consisted of my bed. Then, it consisted of my room. Then, family came in. Then, it was the hospital hallway walking around with a walker. Then, without one. Then, it included the hospital and my home. 

And friends. Lots of friends. Especially on social media, expressing their love and support. Keeping my eye on the prize of getting better. Talking to me about anything other than my heart.

Eventually, I started paying attention to politics.  Which made me question why I did! Oh my, the craziness. "Stick to cardiac care," I thought. "These mental cases are beyond help!" 

Slowly but surely, I made my way back to work. First, part time. Now, full time. And then, it was time to get back to talking politics. Then writing about it. And now, back to broadcasting.

Man, it's so good to be back. I missed you guys. I missed the normalcy of arguing with people on social media. There's a camaraderie to it that makes me feel like I belong to something cool. Time to get back to it. Slowly at first, but we'll be back to speed in no time. And get back to all the fun and hijinks you've come to expect here.

I admit: I took a pretty big shot. So did the family. But this is just Round 1 of a really long bout.

Ding, ding.
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