From "Pocahontas" to "Pinocchio": Did Elizabeth Warren Defraud Everyone?

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Now that we know Sen. Elizabeth Warren "true" heritage, we have to ask: even taking her at her word, did she defraud Harvard University - and everyone else?

An official investigation into whether she committed an ethics violation needs to be opened immediately based on this new evidence that Warren speciously claimed "minority status", contradicting the federal guidelines.

Now I'm no lawyer or detective, but let's play both for awhile.

Let's first recap: Sen. Warren originally claimed that her parents and grandparents had told her of a Native American bloodline, which she later clarified / shifted to claiming to be  at least 1/32 Cherokee - not enough to meet the 1/16  minimal bloodline standard, according to Bill John Baker, principal chief of the the Cherokee Nation. Indeed, according to NPR (yes, I can't believe I am citing them, either) most tribes require anywhere between 1/4 or 25% or even a 1/8 or 12.5% of degree of bloodline.

"Forked-tongued squaw
with shrill war cry
steal my hustle...
make big wampum
spitting bull."
-- Frank DeKova,
Italian-American actor
(F Troop)
Senator Warren inadvertently admitted to... let's call it "fudging" her Harvard University application, wherein she claimed minority status as a Native American, which would have given hera competitive advantage over other "people of color" applicants seeking the same job.  Harvard then claimed Sen. Warren as a Native American in federally mandated diversity statistics.   

According to the definition provided on most EEOC forms, pursuant to Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964, an American Indian or Alaskan Native  means "[a]ll persons having origins in any of the original people of North America, and who maintain cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition" (emphasis added). Clearly, she failed to meet that standard. The only question remains is a famous one: what did everyone know and when did they know it.

Part of the answer is: we all know now. Kinda.

Stanford University Professor Carlos D. Bustamante said the results of Warren's DNA test "support the existence of ..Native American ancestor.. in the range of 6-10 generations ago." which would put the blood line percentage around 1/128th to 1/1024th of 1 percent,  give or take a few hundredths here and there. It should be noted that 6-10 generation is a huge marginal discrepancy to "guesstimate" a bloodline, especially given an admission in the report that Native American DNA markers may have been supplemented by other less scarce samples. 

But the facts don't seem to stop Sen. Warren, who's spinning like a top to use this paltry excuse of a bloodline as an offensive strategy, with eyes on a possible 2020 presidential run against President Trump. 

Though it seems like Sen. Warren might have to put her "moccasin" in her mouth because the DNA findings not only negate any possibility that she may meet the legal requirement needed to claim Native American status, but may have earned "Pocahontas" a new nickname: "Pinocchio."

And that's the JACT Perspective. 

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