Oh, The Horror! Why Dems Are Scared Of Kanye West

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It was a dark and stormy night (not as in Stormy Daniels, but around the same amount of media coverage.) You hear a loud pitch noise that hurts your ears: it's the sound of the TV station bleeping out a few explicit words. "I love this guy," says Kanye West as he hugs President Donald Trump with "Good Ole" Jim Brown nodding with approval in the background of the camera shot. 

At that moment, the fear of losing the black vote went through the minds of every Democrat campaign strategist currently working for a candidate running the 2018 Midterm Elections.  The Democrats' worst nightmare has come to life, as "some" African-Americans are slowly starting to approve, back, and support President Trump. 

In the classic horror film "The Blob," the title menace starts out as a small quarter size plasma and eventually grew to take out an entire town. There is an African-American "Blob" in every city in America. It may be small right now, but it can't be stopped.  As one Black voter at a time comes to the right, another gets disenfranchised by the left.  Kanye rightfully spouted out some conservative talking points never heard by certain people or in certain areas of the country -  talking points that can change the minds of much sought-after voters in key swing states.

Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by 44,292 votes, it can be said that the lack of turnout in Black voters combined with a higher than average percentage of Black votes choosing President Trump were the reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the Keystone State, and the election as a whole. President Barack Obama got 93% of the Black vote in 2012, compared to Clinton receiving only 88% in 2016 - about a 5 point swing to Trump - which translated to about a 2 million vote difference when factoring in turnout. 

This stat was overlooked among the mainstream political analysts on your favorite mainstream media outlets (I wonder why... no I don't.)

So, fast forward to today, and here come the nightmare scenario. there are 15-18 million African-Americans voters in America. If Kanye West, Jim Brown, and others influencers can even cut the margins to 80/20 or 75/25  that translates to 2-2.5 million more much needed votes for the GOP, especially in highly valued swing states. 

The Democrats' horror film is a potential love story for Republicans. I will be rooting for "The Blob" to take over America, one voting district at a time.

And that's the "Jact!" perspective.

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