"Please Get Help" - CNN's Joan Walsh Takes Swipe At BEL

It all started with one itty-bitty tweet from me:

Of course I was referring to what has been talked about in the media and social media as "S---holeGate" - the epic fallout of unconfirmed comments by President Donald Trump referring to Haiti and some unnamed African nations with the coarse term in the context of closed-door bi-partisan negotiations on immigration reform, which includes recurring accusations that Trump is making overtly racist statements.

For those not following the news int he past 24 hours, President Trump is being accused of racism for making an allegedly racist comment overheard in closed-door negotiations by Democratic lawmakers. Recently, Republican lawmakers who were in the same room could neither confirm nor deny whether the alleged statements were made by President Trump, though Trump denies using the phrases attributed to him, but acknowledged his language was harsh.

In the video linked in my tweet, CNN's Joan Walsh responds to Rich Lowry of the National Review, who asked her whether she'd rather live in Haiti or Norway. Walsh incredulously responds: "I don't know, I don't know. I haven't been to either place."

Really? You don't know.  Well, let's help you out.  The rate of violent crime in Haiti is 10 times that of Norway, with the murder rate in Haiti being 24 times more than Norway. On the other hand, Norway's per capita GDP is 129 times greater than Haiti.

Yeah. Tough choice.

But, imagine myshock and delight that one simple tweet would rankle Walsh so much that she felt the need to respond.

I don't know if being labeled a "NewsMax contributor" is meant to be an insult or not. After all, CNN's own Fareed Zakaria is a "NewsMax contributor." Maybe we can all "get help" together.

While I'm pondering whether I was insulted or not, I hope Ms. Walsh considers coming on the show when she decides between living in Haiti or Norway.
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