What Really Is / Could Be In Hillary's Emails

Wonder why democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton erased roughly 30,000 emails that by law are part of the public record?

Since former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refuses to obey the law and has gone to such extremes as to "bleach" her server and destroy cell phones with hammers it leaves us here at Behind Enemy Lines Radio no option but to speculate on the contents of her (our) deleted emails.


Maybe some of the emails were classified? Maybe even marked as such?

Subject: Yoga Lesson Tuesday


The yoga instructor we love can be in town Tuesday. He will be flown out at State Department expense and give us 2 hours.


Subject: Chelsea's Wedding


Sorry to hear that your husband Anthony will not be attending. I wish bill wasn't either. LOL


Subject: Gaddafi Dead- Need Advice!


I need help. We came, we saw, he died,,,, Now how do I spin the killing of the Libyan dictator to not look like a hypocrite with my latest statements that my vote for the war in Iraq and the killing of that dictator was a mistake? Help!



Subject: Benghazi Getting Hot

Secretary Clinton,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve in Libya at such a critical juncture in this country's history.

I have emailed several times and understand that you are extremely busy but I just wanted to keep you in the loop by letting you know that the local security forces do not appear to be capable of providing a safe space for us to conduct our work here.

Since the killing of Gaddafi the government has basically collapsed. Need guidance.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Chris Stevens
United States Ambassador to Libya


Subject: Prescription Refills


Please ensure that Julie refills my prescriptions prior to our departure for the Asia conference. I can't afford another close call with the press. I can't stand Matt Drudge and those f-ing pictures he posts.


Subject: Black Vote


This guy in the White House is so f-ng lazy. I can't believe I lost to this guy. If I didn't need his black voting block I would start distancing myself from him now. At some point we may have to cut our losses because this moron is gonna ruin my campaign. Thoughts?


Subject: Earpiece


That earpiece worked like a charm. Do you think we could get it to work at a debate? Do you think anyone would notice?


Subject: Miss You...


I can't wait for us to be alone again. I have never felt so alive. You are amazing...


Your guess is as good as ours. Until the emails are released in full we'll never know....

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