This Week: A REALLY Big Show!

Some shows are simply can't-miss shows - this is one of them! BEL presents a jam-paced hour of interviews that you don't want to miss!

Author and syndicated radio host SAM SORBO stops by to talk about her latest book " They're YOUR Kids", which explores how home school provides a safer, sounder, and more spirit-centered didactic alternative, even for busy parents. Sam explores the systemic troubles and inadequacies that plague our public education system and then guides you through implementing what she writes is a better tried and ture educational approach for your family. 

COL. ROB MANESS will be on air discussing his campaign for U.S. Senate in Lousiana. Rob Maness has a life long record of providing dedicated service to the Nation and ran as a Republican Candidate for the Louisiana United States Senate. Col. Maness has a distinguished service record, leading numerous combat operations, including as a bomber squadron commander in Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. We'll talk about his race, his values and the road to Election 2016!

JAMES O'KEEFE will join us to discuss his latest Project Veritas expose that reveals shocking instances of voter fraud in the People's Republic of New York City. What does his hidden camera reveal about the actions of some poll workers when his uncovered operatives try to vote where they are not registered? We'll discuss the ramifications of his work, the recent Board of Elections investigation, and more! 

Last but not least, you've probably never heard of GUY SHORT, but you will want to hear what he has to say. An elected National Delegate to the RNC pledged to Ted Cruz, Guy has been appointed to the RNC Convention Rules Committee! That's right - he'll be helping to form the rules used at the RNC Convention that you've been hearing all about. Get an inside look behind the curtain!

It's a jammed show!  
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