You Mad, Bro? GOP Establishment Has a Case of the "DTs"

Those of you that listen to the show know that I am an undecided voter.  I haven't picked my horse.  Not after Gov. Perry dropped out in September.  But that's another story.  

The story right now is about Donald Trump, who smashed the competition in Nevada - his third such victory in a row, solidifying himself as the front-runner in the GOP Primary for President. 

That one simple sentence has many establishment Republicans I know positively apoplectic.  And I don't care.  Because in this life, you reap what you sow. 


Donald Trump's populist "Angry American" act is resonating with voters nationwide.  Conservatives may not claim him as their own, because while he has some conservative leaning (and a history of past liberal ones as well), he is not THE conservative.  Mind you, he is also not THE liberal - Trump is not painted into any corner no matter how much you want him to be. 

Say what you want about Trump, but he is one of only three candidates that had a message to inspire the support of voters.  Big talk, Big vision.  Yes - little detail and cringeworthy moments accompanied that big talk and big vision, but when you're the man in the arena, those moments happen.  And it's what you do after those moments that matter.  And Trump being Trump, he has spun crap into gold.  Because he is willing to be bold.  He is willing to put himself out there.  

And when campaign promises turn into governance, you usually get more with proclaiming a big idea and getting more than you would have had you not done so.  Reagan did that.  Kennedy did that, too. 

Trump is different.  Different than any other candidate has been in a generation.  And that has the so-called Establishment pitching fits all over the internet.  

Well, you get no sympathy out of me.  This is what you deserve, RINOs.

There's a saying about life that I like to use since I first heard it on The FX's hit show "The League" - to paraphrase (and remove some vulgarity!) "Don't like it?  Get Better."

You created the environment that has resulted in Donald Trump's ascendancy.  Your do-nothing ways, your acquiescence time and again to the Obama administration, and your divisive unwillingness to accept ideas not of your own has come to this.  

You let yourselves down.  Your candidates let you down.  Because they failed to inspire America. 

And why would they?  All so-called "establishment" candidates offer is more of the same failed rhetoric that we've heard for the past 7 years.  Much like listening to music, the establishment tune is "played out", and America is changing stations to tune into the new hotness.  

And you can't stand it.  

You don't like it.  Yet, you refuse to get better. 

The Establishment has refused to adapt to today's political climate.  They have refused to change.  They refuse to acknowledge that Trump's populist movement is the story of 2016 - much like they refused to acknowledge that the Tea Party movement was the story of 2010 and, to some extent, 2014.  And much like the Establishment's response to the Tea Party, the Establishment is dismissive, calling Trump and his followers "BS" and creating a divide within the movement to right this country. 

Of course it's BS.  This is politics. It's all BS.  It's just not your BS  that people are listening to anymore

Just like what happens with most of the BS in politics, everything gets worked out in the end.  Campaign promises turn to governance and an outcome is reached.  Sometimes favorable, sometimes acceptable, sometimes a failure.  

Except this time, maybe things work out differently than "business as usual".  

Maybe this time when it is all said and done, America Will Be Great Again. 

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