Guest Op-Ed: Trump Uses Veterans As A Pawn In His Political Game

Photo Courtesy of:  Washington Post
(Editor's Note:  We always welcome contributions from friends and fans of the show, especially those who serve our country.  Our friend, Sgt. Jonathan Lubecky, Ret. U.S. Army, sent us this, which we publish without editing or comment.)

While Mr Trump claims to care for Veterans, like many things he says, this is only the Veterans he approves of, and only while the cameras are rolling. Mr Trump has attacked Veterans who fought for this country and said they should be kicked out because they are Muslim, He has called Sen. John McCain a coward because he was shot down on a Combat Mission over North Vietnam and held captive for 5 1/2 years, unlike Mr Trump who as the "healthiest candidate we have ever had" somehow obtained 4 draft deferments for medical reasons. Mr Trump gushes over Veterans when the cameras are on, but when they are off ignores veterans preferring instead to discuss the Veteran's wife's attire.
This begs the question, if Mr Trump is elected, will he leave our soldiers behind like John McCain because "they got caught" or he objects to their beliefs, or simply because the cameras aren't pointing in his Direction?
Sen. Rand Paul as the only candidate who has worked in not 1, but 3 VA Hospitals, working around the rules to provide the best possible care for his Veteran patients, has seen the cost of freedom first hand, he has personally treated the wounds of war, and would never turn his back on a Veteran because of his faith, would never forget them because they became a Prisoner of War, Sen Rand Paul and his wife Kelley have cared for and supported Veterans their entire lives, not only when the cameras are rolling, but also when no one is looking, because as Americans you do what is right, because it is right, not because of the media coverage you can get. 

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