Another Day, Another Protest

So I decided to look through the #FightFor15 hashtag on Twitter today to see how many crazy, inaccurate or just plain false claims were being made to defend a minimum wage increase. 

Here are just a few I found that needed to be pointed out:

We have an unalienable right to put food on our table. We have an unalienable right to put clothes on our children’s backs.

Those rights must have been left out of the Declaration of Independence due to a printer’s error. You don’t have unalienable rights to those things. 

What you do have is opportunity through our country’s education system and your own hard work & determination to achieve success in life. You have the right to pursue happiness. The government is not here to give that happiness to you in the form of $15/hour.

Economic justice is one step toward erasing income inequality. Next up, fight against wealth inequality.

I almost don’t know where to begin with this one. 

Income inequality is an emotional talking point for liberals but what does it actually mean. That the skill of who flips burgers is equal to that of a brain surgeon? That a firefighter’s income should be the same as a janitor’s? That those in the military should make the same as a hair stylist? 

Stop that foolish argument about income inequality. Every job is different and, therefore, should not be paid equally. And wealth inequality is just a way to punish those who work hard and succeed in this world. Why bother studying in school so you can create a prosthetic arm or invent a smart phone if the benefit you get from that needs to be shared with everyone.

It’s time for a living wage.

What does a living wage even mean? This vague term keeps being thrown out by liberals and the media, yet I have no idea what it even means, nor do I know how this arbitrary $15/hour minimum wage for the entire country quantifies this term. 

Why stop at $15? Make it $25 or how about $50. I want to live in a 2,000 square foot penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park and eat steak & lobster every day. So based on what I learned today, I just need to protest because the wages I am making right now do not allow me to live that life.

This minimum wage movement disgusts me. All the politicians that are taking up this cause are literally buying the votes of the minimum wage workers. All the workers who are protesting have chosen to complain about what they want and demand the government force their employers to give it to them. And anyone against raising the minimum wage is racist, anti-single mom, or the 1% because we believe that through hard work and determination you should rise out of an entry level job like the rest of us.

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