You Won't Believe What We Found Out About Hillary's Charleston, SC Office!

This is an actual photo of Hillary's Charleston, SC Headquarters in a strip mall off of Savannah Highway taken by a local BEL fan (you can see in the photo that strapping young man's shadow right there!)  

In addition to that God-awful "H" logo plastered everywhere, look at the photo of Hillary adorning all the window. Yep, it's the now-iconic photo that has become a symbol of Hillary latest scandal - "EmailGate" of her on her cell phone.  That, folks, is what you call "tone-deaf". 

You would think that would be enough to show how completely and embarrassingly oblivious this particular Hillary campaign office is. But believe me, it gets worse.  Much, MUCH worse.


Meet the next store neighbor for Hillary's SC operation - Golden Dragon Massage (see the Hillary pics in the window?).  Now, we don't know anything for sure about this place, but we did do a bit of research and found that it's listed as an "erotic massage parlor" on some sleazy website with reviews from people who would know better than I.  

Don't ask how I knew where to find that out!  OK, ok... I just did a simple Google search and it, ummm... popped up, in a manner of speaking. But enough bad jokes!

But let's put that establishment aside for a moment and re-focus on Hillary's office.  What we found out about that space is even better, but you have to try to follow along a bit. 

 This is the address for Hillary For Charleston.  Guess what we found when we looked up what used to be at that address.

Oh. My.

Looks like Hillary's Charleston, SC headquarters was once an adult sex shop. Now I know what you're thinking - no, I have no proof that President Bill Clinton scouted the location beforehand.

There may be some of you out there who don't believe me.  Well for you doubters out there, here's proof I do my homework and that I check my work - match up the addresses for yourself.

Same address. Same unit number.  But it looks like Hillary's campaign got the zip code wrong (29607 is Greenville,SC, by the way).  You could forgive them for that, as I am sure that they had a LOT of scrubbing to do to get the office into... um.. a sanitary state.

But just to quiet you doubters and to tie it all together, check out this zoomed-in Google Street View of the strip mall from past Street View passes:

It's a little blurry because I had to zoom in from the street, which is a ways away, but there's the ol' Golden Dragon Massage Parlor right next to the now-closed Fun-4-2 sex shop, now home to Hillary Clinton's Charleston SC Office.

It's amazing what you can find on the interwebs.

Amazing.  And icky.

Now, should Hillary Clinton be responsible for the selection of this location?  Should she know about the neighbors?  Should she have researched the history of the space?  I leave it to you to answer most of those questions for yourselves, but I'll say this - if I was running for President and that was my face and my logo plastered all over those windows, I'd like to know what I was getting into beforehand so I could avoid a potential "unforced error".

Just some words of advice in closing - watch your step when you walk into your own office, Madam Secretary.  And wipe down those phone banks before, during and after usage.

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  1. BEL pledges to personally visit the location to verify all of Gene's assertions... Lol

    1. You better let me know when you come down, we will have some fun, Its a great state for politics!


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