Guest Op-Ed: Read Why This Veteran Stands With Rand

(Editor's Note - I received this from a good friend from CPAC - Sgt. Jonathan Lubecky, Ret., U.S. Army, who asked me to publish this. What follows is his response as a Veteran to Donald Trump claiming that Sen. Rand Paul is “weak on the military and Veterans.”   He's met both men (both times in his US Army Dress Uniform) and each had very different reactions.  We present it here without editing or comment. )

On August 12th, Donald Trump wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post attacking Sen Rand Paul. Specifically, he stated that Sen Paul is “weak on the military…and the vets.” I am glad that Donald Trump has set up a hotline and an email address for Veterans to share their stories, however, Sen. Paul has actually met with Veterans regularly to not only discuss the problems they are facing, but what solutions they have to fix the problems. 


Here is Sgt. Lubecky actually standing with Rand.  (From Sgt. Lubecky's Facebook Page)
EDITOR'S NOTE: Jonathan Lubecky is retired from the US Army. Use of his military rank, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.  In fact, Sgt. Lubecky didn't even know we took this photo from his public Facebook page!
I recall meeting Mr. Trump at The Citadel in South Carolina. I specifically wanted to talk with him for only a few minutes about Veterans issues. I was in Uniform. I did get a picture, and was then shuttled away. He could have cared less. 

Compare this with the first time I met Sen Rand Paul, also at the Citadel, also in uniform. I had been released from the VA Hospital two days prior and still had the bandages on my wrist from a suicide attempt due to the VA mis-managing my medication. After Sen. Rand Paul gave his speech I waited in line to speak with him, again about problems facing Veterans. Sen. Paul noticed my bandages and asked what had happened. I told him. He then postponed a press conference for 20 minutes and walked me behind a curtain with his staffer to talk with me. He said to me, "Forget I am a Senator, I am also a doctor." He was concerned not only as a Senator and Doctor, but as a human being about what had happened, and what caused my attempt. 

Before leaving, I gave him an idea for legislation to help Veterans. Two weeks later, he introduced my idea to the Senate as an amendment to the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act. Sen. Paul also had his staffer give me his personal cell number for me to call if I ever needed anything, or felt the way I did before I was hospitalized. 

It’s easy to claim to stand for Veterans, to donate money when you have billions. It takes a different kind of person to put off press conferences, and to take action on behalf of Veterans and the Military. Sen. Rand Paul has introduced legislation and fought for Veterans. He has actually treated untold numbers of Veterans as a Doctor. He helped this old Sergeant when he didn’t have to. 

To call Sen Rand Paul “weak” in reference to the troops, or Veterans shows how little Donald Trump knows, or cares about Veterans, other than using them to aggrandize himself.  As for beating Sen Rand Paul in a round of golf, we all have skills, one of Mr Trump’s is apparently golf. I hear President Obama is also pretty good at golf, which has no bearing on his ability, or Mr. Trump’s to lead this great country. 

My skill is marksmanship, I challenge Donald Trump to a shooting match, any range, anytime. I win, he publicly apologize to Sen. Rand Paul for calling him weak on the Military and Veterans, he can tell me what he wants if he should win. 

I have stood for freedom my entire adult life, 12 years in uniform, 12 months in Combat, and now I stand with Rand.
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  1. Wow! This needs to go viral.God bless Sgt. Lubecky, and Dr./Senator Paul.

  2. Rand is the real deal he cares about American's and hates the way Government is running our lives =)

  3. Apparently he lies about his golf game too, as well as giving $10K to Rand's campaign. After he was caught, he doubled down and said it was $20K!!!!!!

  4. I stand with Rand also. Trump can brag about all his money as much as he wants. One thing I know though is Rand Paul is solid with and without money he is an all around good guy and will make a great President for the times we are currently facing. I am glad he sucks at golf means he has been spending his time doing much more important things. Playing golf hasn't helped Obama to be a great President.

  5. Rand needs to start using the jew word, and pointing out that Trump is all jewed up.

  6. Rand is the man for this job.. This is why I support Rand. We don't want soldiers fighting for us just to come back and harm themselves.. War is the worst thing in the world, and it should be only a last resort. I trust Rand to understand that concept better than anyone else.

  7. Rand swam for Baylor. Maybe he should challenge other candidates to a race in the pool.

  8. Well it appears that Sen. Paul is a fan of this op-ed! So much so, he published it on his own website!

    However, we are disappointed that Sen. Paul chose not to credit BEL as the original publisher of Sgt. Lubecky's letter. We have contacted his campaign in the hopes that this is a mere oversight.

  9. It is the very reason I stand with Rand. He is not in it for power, money, or to control anything, he is in it to better our nation. People like Trump are celebrity and nothing more, and the American people are so eat up with ignorance of reality the only thing they can relate to is the apprentice or any other ignorant TV series, nothing of substance, and this is why our nation faces the peril we do today.

  10. Sadly, this looks like #StolenValor. I noted his uniform discrepancies in the Facebook picture. I'm Carl Brown at the top of the comments.


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