BEL Weekend Meme: #DefundPP

You may have heard the past two shows that I've been doing a lot of ranting about Planned Parenthood since the Center for Medical Progress has been leaking out video after video after damning video showing Planned Parenthood doctors and directors negotiating the sale of baby parts.  the one that probably got me craziest is the one where Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Medical Directors’ Council President, Dr. Mary Gatter jokes about wanting a lamborghini from the sales of harvested human tissue and organs. 

It's downright ghastly.


Where is our outrage?  While social media outcry knows no bounds for the killing of a lion in Zimbabwe, right here in our home - home of the most advanced democracy in the world - doctors are routinely killing babies and selling their body parts.

And before you try to correct me and say they're not babies - riddle me this:  Are the organs being harvested human organs?  Yes.  So where do these human organs came from? Giraffes?  No. A human?  Your answer has to be yes.  A young human is commonly call a baby, right?  Yes.  Case closed. 

And if you still don't believe me.  Look at this:  

This is what a child looks like at 24 weeks. Texas Democrats want to allow abortionists to use "scrapers" and a vacuum to kill this child by shredding her alive as she screams in pain.
Posted by Congressman Steve Stockman on Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Tell me that's not a baby. 
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