Vocabulary Lesson for Liberals


Sports players are not heroes. To be a "hero" one must display bravery and courage. While winning a soccer game may be admirable- it is not heroic! Put this into context. Are the American female soccer players heroes for beating the Japanese in a World Cup game just like the men who beat the Japanese in World War II?



Bruce Jenner is not courageous. He is a man with issues. As far as I can tell he hasn't risked his life for another person or cause nor done anything noteworthy other than be good at sports a generation ago and wear women's clothing.


Marriage has always been and will always be a religious union between people of opposite sexes. While two men may love and be sexually attracted to each other they can never be truly married regardless of what an un-elected judge may say.


Mike Brown (Ferguson, MO) was a thug. This is him robbing a store shortly before he attacked Police Officer Darren Wilson. While trying to take Officer Wilson's gun he was shot and killed- rightfully so. As a result, Officer Wilson (the victim) no longer works for the Ferguson Police Department and race riots ensued in several cities across the country.


The left, with the help of the media, academia and the courts have hijacked our language and are destroying our country. From the definition of the word "State" as in the Obamacare Supreme Court decision to what the meaning of the word "is" is from one of Bill Clinton's many sex scandals to the actual text of the second amendment our government perverts the language and is in effect becoming tyrannical by simply redefining words rather than voting on laws.

Coincidentally (not really a coincidence) our culture and morals are decaying to the point that Sodom and Gomorrah seem like nice wholesome towns.

Wake up America

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  1. To your point, pal. Now the words "husband" and "wife" are under attack.



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