Did You Hear Today's Big News?!?

Today was a game changer.

Oh, you thought I was talking about the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage? As thrilled as your favorite RINO is about the court's holding in Obergefell, something equally newsworthy happened today, yet I doubt that we are going to see much coverage of it given present circumstances.

Last night, the Department of State announced that Hillary Clinton did not, in fact, turn over all emails pertaining to Benghazi. 

According to CNN, the revaluation of the previously undisclosed emails was discovered when long-time Clinton confidante, Sidney Blumenthal, presented his prior correspondence with Mrs. Clinton to the House Select Committee on Benghazi. After staff cross-referenced Clinton's e-mails with Mr. Blumenthal's, it was found that 15 emails from Mrs. Clinton that were found in Blumenthal's archives were not presented to the committee by Clinton's attorneys, who had audited her email records for public disclosure. Perhaps more disturbingly, the contents of Mr. Blumenthal's emails discussed unvetted intelligence information, which Blumenthal shared with then-Secretary Clinton. At the time, Mr. Blumenthal was representing the business interests of several companies with operations in Libya.

At this time, neither the Committee nor the State Department have disclosed the contents of these newly discovered emails. A State Department official stated that the content of these emails do not pertain to Benghazi.

This is not the first time that Blumenthal has become entwined in the ongoing saga of Clinton's emails. Among the first batch of released emails is one to Clinton that suggests that he placed an article on Salon.com with the State Department's approval, if not consent. During Clinton's tenure at State, Blumenthal was an employee of the Clinton Foundation and provided Secretary Clinton with policy analysis and guidance. 

Blumenthal's history as a Clinton hatchet man and the overtly political interests in his email cast further doubt on Clinton's veracity on the full and impartial disclosure of her correspondence during her tenure as Secretary of State. These previously undisclosed emails should, in theory, bring Clinton under heightened scrutiny as the Benghazi investigation continues and the 2016 Election draws closer. However, I find it highly unlikely that the time of this disclosure is a mere coincidence. 

Conventional wisdom in politics says that when you need to get bad news out, you bury it as best as you can and let the 24-hour news cycle do the rest. What better time to release information that is potentially damaging to Clinton than on the eve of a landmark Supreme Court decision? The Supreme Court ruling would obviously be the ongoing topic of conversation while the emails would conveniently be tucked away on page A18 of the New York Times. Follow that up with a vague statement by your spokesman and you effectively take the spotlight off of the story. While this was a strategically sound maneuver, we should not allow Hillary Clinton or her campaign to dictate the course of the conversation on Benghazi. We must confront anything that the campaign attempts to evade.

All Americans were, and remain gravely concerned by the events of Benghazi. The death of an Ambassador and embassy staff should not be taken lightly. As someone who aspires to be our Head of State, Clinton should be called to the carpet and examined to the fullest extent. We should demand no less of any of our leaders.  
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