C'mon RNC, You're Better Than That!

As a Republican “activist” and elected party official, I get a lot of mail asking for money.  Many candidates and causes want me to part with my hard earned cash to support their “fight” and “struggle” against the forces of evil.  

You know, Hillary. 

Recently I received a “Congressional District Census” from the RNC, purporting to be a chance to register my opinion on a variety of subjects so that the RNC can “get the pulse” of the average Republican.  

It was very much a push poll, with questions asking if I agreed that gay marriage was a fundamental threat to America (I don’t) and if we need to cut the federal government and reduce the deficit (I do), among others.  Regardless, I filled it out and registered my opinion on a variety of topics both important and inane so that the party could know what is on my mind. 

Then I got to the bottom and, of course, they asked for money (Who doesn’t?  Cash rules all around me, dollar-dollar bill, y’all).   Gallingly  though, they request a $15 donation “so the census can be processed.” 

The hell?  Oh, no no no no no.  

Editor's Note - Sorry Matt, had to class it up.  Think of the children!

If I’m calculating correctly, the RNC should have received my response in the mail by now.  I hope they liked it.  It was worth the cost of the stamp. 

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