RESET THE CLOCK! Prosecutors: "Family Values" Politico Admits to Kiddie Porn Possession

Joseph Hayon, the latest NY politico to "perp walk", leaves Court after being arraigned on kiddie porn charges
(photo by Jesse Ward, NY Daily News)
And the hits just keep on coming. 

In our ever-vigilant attempt to document corruption in NY politics this year, Behind Enemy Lines is sad to report yet another arrest of a NY politician - and this one may be the ickiest one of all so far. 

The NY Daily News reported on Friday that Brooklyn Republican Joseph Hayon - a failed candidate for NY Assembly and NY City Council, was arrested for possesion materials depicting the sexual performance of a child.

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A failed Brooklyn political candidate who vowed to “protect our children” allegedly admitted to viewing 20 images of child pornography.
Joseph Hayon was charged Friday for allegedly using a email account to share the filthy images on Dec. 26, 2014 from his Midwood home.
Hayon, 38, was charged with one count of possession a sexual performance of a child after The CyberTipline notified the NYPD, who issued a search warrant for his home and business, said prosecutor Wilfredo Cotto.
Police seized a tablet, video cameras, two laptops, five desktop computers and a Samsung phone.
Further down the article, prosecutors indicated that the charges go beyond mere allegation:
The 2012 Republican candidate for District 41 of the state Assembly, who lost against incumbent Helene Weinstein, made written statements where he admits to owning the   email address, viewing and sharing “children engaged in sexual conduct,” according to the criminal complaint. 
The disgusting images are all of girls, some as young as two-years-old, (Asst. Dist. Att'y) Cotto said.
(emphasis added).

 Hayon, who was once featured in a photo as part of a story about young Brooklyn Republicans living in NYC, has been a prominent member of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club and a leader of the Brooklyn Tea Party. 

And as a matter of full disclosure, Hayon was elected as a Vice Chair of the Brooklyn Republican Party 2013, an organization which both Russell and I are part of the leadership.  

This isn't Hayon's first run-in with the law.   Hayon was arrested this past October for Assault with Intent to Cause Physical Injury.  He was scheduled to be granted an "adjournment conditioned upon dismissal" in November, but these new charges may upset that applecart. 

Hayon also has criminal trouble outside of NYC, when he was accused of dealing drugs and assault in 2000.  According to comments given to JPUpdates, Hayon denied being a drug dealer.
“I invited over these teenagers for Shabbos. I was never caught dealing with drugs,” he said. “Did anybody sell drugs in my house? Yes. Did I give them permission? No. People thought I was a drug dealer? Yes. Was it true? No.”
Hayon remains out on bail, but has been ordered to stay away from his children.  He will return to court on May 26th.

UPDATE: Here's some reaction from the Twitters on what they think of Mr. Hayon  (Warning:  Some graphic language) including an article trying to connect Hayon to news that Joshua Duggar admitted to molesting young girl when he was underage in an online poll


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  1. For the Record:

    Michael Grimm,

    Lied about his military service and wore army ribbons on his marine dress uniform.

    Resigned from the FBI with fifteen years on job and didn't receive a pension. He kept his undercover persona alive after his resignation and was banned from entering federal buildings.

    Used his gun and status in a racially charged incident.

    Had sex in a Bay Ridge bar bathroom.

    Never answered questions revolving around shady campaign contributions and the possible selling of visas.

    Threatened to break a reporter like a little boy when asked about the above.

    Failed to pay $1 million in taxes for a business he owned.

    Glenn knew all this and supported him anyway for years.


    It is certainly a fair question to ask in reference to ANY and ALL politicians that Glenn supports, "what does he know and when did he know it?"

  2. Hey Gene remember when Gatemouth thought Hayon was more honest and classier than you? The best revenge is living well. Good for you and Russell.

    1. Amen! The truth shall set you free & imprison fake phoney frauds like hypocritical Joe freak'in Hayon!!!!!!!

    2. Gatemouth,death in the family?What about teenagers who might be contemplating suicide because photos and videos that guy took of them? Death in the Family Value department? Probably. If your riding a high horse,make sure that moral saddle is strapped to your ass so tight that you down fall on your pathetic face.My next blog post touch (not grope) this issue.

    3. Damn it! This blog post for good reason has more views then my recent blog post! Now I really must wright about it!


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