UPDATED: "Offensive": Libraries Nationwide Did This To Ann Coulter's Book!

The New York Public Library is one of several libraries used catalog software from BiblioCommons that lists Ann Coulter's New Book ¡Adios, America! 

A fan of the show who wishes to remain anonymous passed this on to past guest and friend Dara Grieger.  Apparently, the New York Public Library, the second largest public library in the United States, and fourth largest in the world, has apparently declared Ann Coulter's newest work ¡Adios, America! as an "offensive" work.

It appears as if the entry "Offensive" stands in place of the title of the work.

While we don't know the criteria used to arrive at such a "conclusion", my intrepid team has done some more digging and found the same misnomer in libraries across the nation that use a service known as "BiblioCommons"


(¡Ay, Dios mio! Don't look now, but your bias is showing, BiblioCommons!)
Here is a quick description from BiblioCommons of who they are:
BiblioCommons is the developer of a suite of hosted “Software as a Service” solutions that deliver an integrated “social discovery” experience to the online customers of public libraries. The heart of our offering is BiblioCore, which replaces all search and account management functionality of the library’s traditional “Online Public Access Catalog” (OPAC). 
Locally, both the New York and Brooklyn Public Library use BiblioCommons.  Both list Coulter's work as "Offensive" (a search for "Adios, America" in Brooklyn turns up zilch), yet the Queens Public Library, which does not use the software, has Coulter's book listed under its proper title.

Other BiblioCommons subscribers like in Boston, Cleveland and in smaller libraries like in Hudson, Ohio - even in Canada! - currently have the title listed properly, but only after correcting the listing.   But some readers took umbrage with the seeming effort to censor, leaving comments on
What right do you think you have to tell me something is "Offensive"? I am entiled, as an American, to come to my own conclusion.
What they are trying to do is simple: censor Miss Coulter's book.
Get rid of offensive in the title - NOW. We do not want censorship or personal opinion re a book. The "Farenheit 451" society is not far behind. We must be vigilant and speak out, while we can. Who let this comment stand on the website?
Take that "OFFENSIVE" "title" off of Coulter's book page. What are you trying to do. The title is: "!Adios America!" - the best I could do here. How are people to find her latest book if you have it mislabeled? 
How, indeed?

It appears that the correction is slowly propagating through BiblioCommons's system, but the question has to be asked - how did such an "Offensive" list happen in the first place?

UPDATE:  To their credit, Bibliocommons responded to our article via Twitter.

We'll decipher all this and dig a little deeper tonight!

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  1. (Let's see if this time this will go through...) Even my librarian (Huron, Ohio) firmly beleives Miss Coulter's book title was originally "Offensive," can you believe it? Bibliocommons now added a typo to the book title. Hope you can see it: ŁAdios, America! So much for crediting these liberal jerks!

  2. I am stunned that nobody, not even Conservative commentators, picked on this outrageous example of censorship--and from the very paragons who fight against "censorship" and for "freedom to read"!


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