ICYMI - Pick Your Poison, America

Threats to the American way of life are all around us these days.

At home, Baltimore is plagued by riots over the arrest of eventual death of Freddy Gray, which the Washington Post reports may have been self-inflicted.  Russ and I pull no punches and give you our honest take on the latest news, and their opinion of all the "players" involved.

Abroad, we turn to guest Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Foundation who went "Behind Enemy Lines" to talk about the emerging threat of radical Islam in Europe, as painstakingly detailed in his five-part series "Europe's Last Stand", a project 10 years in the making.

So pick your poison, America.  Can we stand united long enough to face an emerging threat that seeks to fundamentally transform our nation.  Or will we torn apart from within and be easy pickings for those who seek to destroy what it means to be American?

Listen to the latest Behind Enemy Lines, and you tell us what you think in the comments.  

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