Please Let 2016 Be About Ideas

With Ted Cruz kicking off the 2016 road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, social media has been abuzz with sentiments for and against the outspoken Texas conservative. The antagonists were not from the Liberal camp alone. The so-called "establishment" wing of the Republican Party piled on as well. Some even tried to kickstart a "birther" movement against Mr. Cruz, despite most legal experts deeming him eligible to run.

While my own mode might not necessarily be set on "Cruz Control",  I still would like to hear the man out and let him explain his vision for our country and his ideas for a better America. You see ideas - solid conservative ideas - is what this country needs so bad. That's why the criticism from some on the right, particularly the ones that consisted mostly of name calling, come across petty and desperate because they failed to put forth their own vision to contrast with the Senator's message, which a huge sector in the party claims as their own.  


Ideas, good or bad, have one thing in common in politics, message is just as important as the messenger. That's why comparisons of Cruz to Obama is ludicrous and quite frankly irrelevant. Think Richard Nixon reaching out to the ''silent majority'' or Ronald Reagan, after four failed years of Carter, preaching government is the problem.  On the other side, think of .Bill Clinton with ''it's the economy, stupid''. And even think Barack Obama, who was able to exploit a war weary partisan nation with  the dreams of "Hope and Change". Cruz has a message - exploiting the disconnect between Washington and We, The People. Where is the inspiration from the "establishment"for a comparison, Karl Rove and the rest of ''K street''?


Ted Cruz -  like him or not - is one hell of a messenger that might mop the floor with his competitors at debates. The right climate can give Sen. Cruz the victory he needs. To call him ''extreme'' puts him in great company with Reagan, a spot his GOP critics likely don't want him to have.  Rather than putting him down, I suggest the next contender getting ready to jump into the race form an agenda, and articulate his/her ideas and vision in simple English. Yes, empty pot shots are inevitably part of the public decision-making process. But proceed with caution, lest you enable your competitor to advance his or her narrative to victory while you look like an empty suit.  


Same goes to those hard core ''Cruz-ers'' who feel they have to knock folks on social media without advancing their candidates vision in the public square. We have such a great field vs. the Democratic dry climate dominated by Hillary. The time is now to articulate our message for the 21st century in order to roll back the social and economic ills liberalism has dominated us in the 20th century. It's a shame to see that go to waste through cheap shots. There are legitimate reasons to vote or not to vote for Ted Cruz, all I ask - no, make that all I beg - is for all opinions to come with a heavy dose of rock solid conservative ideas based in reality. 

If you do that, then the odds may very well be in your favor!

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