Mr. Netanyahu Comes To Washington, But Not the White House

Much has been made about Tuesday's speech to Congress by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Accusations were aimed at Speaker John Beohner and Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer for "coordinating a stealth visit" to D.C. behind President Obama's back, thus damaging our  relationship with Israel.

The Obama White House is on track to reach an agreement with terror sponsor and Radical Islamic theocracy known as Iran. Netanyahu, however, is not convinced this "peace of our time" will deter Iran from going nuclear. This has been one of few items where D.C. and Jerusalem have not been on the same page. 

This is far more than a simple disagreement on common issues like in the past,this is an existential threat that compels the Prime Minister to act.

Obama, who has never been known for his affection for protocol, has accused Bibi ofviolating it himself. In typical sore-loser fashion,Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry announced that they will boycott the speech.  A total of 55 Democrats bowed out following a decision from the "Black Congressional Caucus" not to attend. 

If Obama wanted to marginalize Netanyahu,well sorry to disappoint.  It is harder to get a pass for gallery in Capitol Hill than Broadway tickets for the "Book of Mormon". The more Bibi gets criticized, the more his message gets heard,which was his goal all along.

Finally, for all those sharing Obama concern for taking sides in The Israeli elections, then I suggest you email the White House to withdraw it's foot-soldiers known  If there is any one to blame for sour relationships, it is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that has much to answer for.                                                                                                   
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