How A Ride To DC Changed Everything - Why I Am Voting For BEL

If you know me, you can tell how excited I am that my two favorite Brooklyn boys are nominated for #BlogBash 2015 “Best in Show Podcast” award. Why am I excited? Well let me take you back to CPAC 2014 where everything started. 

At the 11th hour, I decided to attend CPAC 2014 not knowing what will happen or what would I learn. As a New York City Political consultant, my main focus in politics was New York City and State. When it came to national politics, I probably knew "the gist" of what was going on, but not so much. 

 So Gene Berardelli, someone I just knew from the political circles of New York randomly messages me on Facebook about my itinerary for CPAC. My response was I have no idea, I'm just going to go and be with a few friends from my Young Republican club. Gene said, "why don’t you join me and Russ Gallo, we are traveling together and we will show you around and such." 

“Alright, why not, you guys do media. Let me see what you guys are all about.” At this time I was trying to be active in blogging with my young Republicans club so I was up to getting pointers from two other young republican in New York City and also the only ones with a radio show. 

 So here we go, 

I travel with these two hosts of Behind Enemy Lines in a 5-hour car ride to National Harbor in Maryland. We arrived there around Midnight, just a few hours before CPAC was about to commence. With luck have it, the Gaylord hotel overbooked and we were upgraded to a suite. Talk about living large for what turns out to be the best 3 days of my life in 2014. 

 Now it's Thursday, the first day of CPAC. Gene and Russ gave me a tour and show me radio row. I was like “Whoa this is crazy and fun.” The first interview they did was with none other than my favorite Conservative person Scottie Hughes, who came to my Young Republican club in 2013 and basically told me “I have a voice, use it in this Liberal city and don’t be afraid to ROAR!” Since then I always wanted to channel that voice into writing and commentating. Why not, an angry little young Conservative from The Bronx, NY with a loud mouth should do it, but I didn’t know how. It wasn’t until I saw Russ and Gene interviewing other big name political figures that I’m not going to lie, I got jealous. I wanted to do that somehow, I just needed to find out how. 

 So the first night at CPAC ends and we are in our suite, relaxing after a day full of interviews and speeches. I'm with both these great guys and I bluntly ask them “How can I go about doing something like this?” Russ told me "speak from your heart and mind" and Gene tells me "don’t be afraid, why don’t you practice tomorrow listening to the speeches at the main ballroom, take notes and write about it.” Then a light bulb clicked in my head. I'm here not only to bother Russ and Gene and hang out but to learn something. 

 Friday 9AM, Governor Rick Perry was scheduled to speak. I woke up at 8:45. Not having enough time to get extra pretty by putting on makeup, I rushed to get ready and run down to hear Governor Perry speak. After his 15 minute speech, I ran back upstairs to the suite to write my first national blog post. Back then, my writing wasn’t up to par and needed a lot of work. Gene took time off his busy schedule to edit my work. I sent it over to my Young Republican Blog to post. Unfortunately, the person in charge of the blog at that time didn’t want to put it up. Whatever, his mistake. Getting angry at this nonsense, Gene calms me down and said why don’t you write for our blog. Back then, it was Brooklyn Young Republican Blog. Without any hesitation, I said yes. Within two days that article along with Governor, Chris Christie was up in his site. I wish I did more, but I was learning, but 2015 will be a different story. 

 Since then I have written for Gene and Russ site, I've written for Wayne Dupree, PolitiChicks and I am the Social Media Director of American New Media. The biggest traffic I ever got on my post was the NYPD vs UFT back in the Summer of 2014 which generated over thousands of hits and many teachers on twitter loving my article. This gave me the passion and determination since to always write current event with my sassy attitude tone. It has truly been an honor to not only write for Behind Enemy Lines but to be close with these two guys and for that I want everyone to recognize this outstanding group that also includes Diana Sepulveda, Amanda Kohut, Matthew Fairley, Jacob (Yak attack) Bard and everyone else who has come in and out of this show.  

 So why should you vote for Behind Enemy Lines? Besides the fact they are awesome, here are 9 reasons why:

Interviews- The interviews these guys get…WOW. In the summer of 2014, the NY Meeting generated the biggest names in politics that speaks to the few conservatives left in New York. Behind Enemy Lines was the only media to obtain interviews by all the biggest names that attended from Gov. Rick Perry, Rep Marsha Blackburn, Rep Darrell Issa…This is just one day! Other interviews with Dinesh D'Souza and Alan Keyes, I wasn’t around to see, but all were just as amazing.

The Hosts -  What is so special about these two guys with a mic? Well, because if you didn’t know New York City, especially Brooklyn, is flooded with Liberals everywhere. To hear conservatives with a New York attitude speak their mind and tell you how it is is real media. No filter, no censor, no BS. These guys keep it real and blunt 

 Buffoon of the Week- Every week in the last ten minutes of every show, the guys have a list of idiotic things people have said and done from the week or previous week. The list is mostly liberals and the idiotic thing they have said or done and the live viewers can call in or join the chat room to pick the Buffoon of the Week. So not only is Gene and Russ who decide, it's everybody.  Highest vote wins. 

 Influence- Behind Enemy Lines are the only show in NY created by the Brooklyn Young Republicans to express their views on the air. These two guys did something that no one has thought about within the Young Republicans in New York. They speak up for the people, especially conservative who are afraid to say what is on their mind. They also help local candidates not only get air time, but doing GOTV operations to help one get elected even if it's a long shot. But wait -  they were successful in getting Bob Turner elected to a seat occupied by democrats for over 90 years and a state senator win when it came down to counting the paper ballots. If that is not influential then I don’t know what is? 

Their Hearts- Besides helping me see what I am capable of doing and learning to become a political writer and commentator, they also helped two young conservatives in Brooklyn start their own radio show. Known as Vito & Vito, Gene and Russ provides guidance and help when other people don’t. Now a year in, Vito and Vito has interviewed the biggest names in the political circle. Russ and Gene didn’t have to do that.  They didn't have to help me, Vito and Vito. But they did - and that, my friends is a kind heart, especially in this political area where everyone is out for themselves. 

 Impact- Do you know how hard it is to live in this beautiful city of New York surrounded by entitled liberal brats? Russ and Gene sure do. To invest their time and money to be on air to express their views is hard to find. However, the impact they have made in the past four years is phenomenal. Their views are not silenced by the liberals and Republicans in NY love what they do and say. Hey, they got former mayoral candidate John Catsmatidis to do his own radio show! If we only had "Cats Money", imagine the impact they can do on air to save this city! 

 Inspiration- These guys' passion, their fire and rants are an inspiration to many conservatives not only locally in New York City but elsewhere. They help inspire others to speak up. Like I said, look at me and the Vitos. Without them we wouldn’t be joining this fight to help save and defend America from liberal lies. Imagine the others that they don’t know personally they have inspired. 

 Fire- I just mentioned it, but boy these two Italian fireballs can work a mic! I have listened to so many political radio shows and what these guys have that others don’t is the fire that comes out. When they rant and speak whats is on their mind. They are unapologetic and not afraid to let them know how they feel and others who are afraid to speak up have these two guys to do it for them. Their content in each podcast not only brings fun and laughter, but real meaningful shows. Like wine it only gets better week after week 

 NEW YORK, BABY! - Where Brooklyn at! 

Live every Wednesday at 10, these two guys bring the best of the best shows. From bringing a base of republicans in New York to join together with campaigns activism and at the same time trying saving this country from liberals, this show passion is not a job, they do it for the love of this country. Can any others say the same thing? Remember they are from New York, they will tell you straight up, they keep it real.

So that's it!  Is there really any other choice?  I don't think so  Vote for my friends for Best in Show:  Podcast at BlogBash this week.  
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