Liberals Need to Bend and Stretch for This to Make Sense!

As regular listeners and readers know, I am the self-proclaimed "RINO" of Behind Enemy Lines. I rarely jump to the defense of the hard-line conservatives and those who prioritize social issues in the Republican Party.

That is, until today.

As I was having my lunch, contemplating the things that RINO hacks contemplate, I was scrolling through BuzzFeed and happened to come across this article about Veronica Partridge, a Christian blogger who has decided that she was going to stop wearing yoga pants in public out of respect for her husband. She came to this decision because she felt that yoga pants were provocative and might cause other men to view her in a capacity that she did not wish to be viewed. She emphasized throughout her post that she did not judge other women who wore yoga pants, had no intention of forcing this idea on other people, and reiterated that this was a personal choice and the right decision for her and her family.

Fair enough and reasonable, right?

If you said yes, you are sorely mistaken.

There has been a wave of outrage from liberals claiming that her choice was tantamount to slut shaming. If you scroll down to the comments section on BuzzFeed, you will see post after post from people who actually believe that a woman’s personal choice is reflective of women as a whole and continue to believe, despite Ms. Partridge’s many statements to the contrary, that she is forcing ideas on other women and encouraging rape culture.

When I see things that make no sense, I try to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. I try to understand what motivates everyone’s words and actions and then respond accordingly. I tried to do that here, because shaming a woman who made a personal, non-controversial choice makes no sense. I could only come up with one answer: The liberals encourage personal choice so long as your personal choice is adherent to their own. That’s all I came up with. If you can rationalize their response differently, I would love to hear it.

One of the core principles of the Republican Party is personal freedom. On the show, you will normally hear me siding with the liberal perspective, saying things such as same-sex marriage is a personal freedom and should be recognized by the law. However, you won’t find me siding with the liberals here. This woman’s right to choose her clothing is just as much a personal freedom as marriage. It is even more abhorrent that the very people who claim that women should be free to pick their clothing without fear of judgment by their peers or threats of assault are the very ones who now condemn Ms. Partridge. As Republicans, we must highlight instances of hypocrisy such as this one and emphasize to voters that when it comes to personal freedom and individual choices, the Republican Party is the standard-bearer. 
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