WAAR Plan for Victory in 2014, 2016 & Beyond

Besides being insane, liberals are also liars. To beat a liar/liberal (even one that suffers from a mental disorder) one must tell the truth even if it is politically incorrect. 

*** Note- the truth is often politically incorrect! ***

The Republican Party has an opportunity to take back the United States Senate and maintain control in the House of Representatives this year. With 2016 around the corner what better position could the GOP hope to be in?

The problem is that most of our candidates (sane GOP candidates) listen to spineless consultants and do not ride the “Straight Talk Express.” Calm down folks, I am not suggesting anything in relation to John McCain’s “Double Talk Express.”

So here it goes. In order to win elections where republicans can actually win, our candidates need to have a platform and actually stand for something more substantial than “Obama is bad.” Make no mistake, Obama is awful but we are not offering solutions and/or truth.

Among the issues Americans care most about according to Gallup and other polls are the economy, national security and immigration. A good candidate can show how all these things are inextricably tied to one another. Did you notice that global warning/climate change isn't listed? Just checking.

Here are the issues and what a rational (read sane) and truthful candidate should say.

Economy:  I doubt that Common Core curriculum includes the story about the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. Americans need to know that when you have high corporate tax rates that companies move overseas. And when companies leave the USA raising taxes further or “closing loopholes” doesn't bring back a single job.

Energy prices hurt everyone. Besides fueling your minivan and heating your home, trucks and businesses need cheap energy to produce food as well as other goods and services. When energy prices rise we all feel it. The left is against oil, hydrofracking, pipelines, nuclear power and coal. This is an Achilles heel for the left. As I stated earlier, most Americans have caught on to the climate change hoax or simply don’t care anymore. Drill baby drill and frack baby frack should be our mantra.

Obamacare:  Poll after poll shows that a majority of Americans want Obamacare repealed and replaced. Democrats are not using it as part of their platforms. This is a missed opportunity for the Republican Party to connect with a majority of voters on an issue that can easily be shown to be hurting our weakened economy. GOP candidates need to pledge to kill this leftist beast which is eating the golden egg of our once great health care system.

National Security:  We are now fighting ISIS/ISIL/Al-Qaeda/Khorasan Group. They are all the same thing! A candidate must be willing to say that AND also say that Islam is no “religion of peace.” Every major conflict the United States has fought since Viet Nam has involved a Muslim country either directly or indirectly and every armed conflict worldwide over the past several decades involved at least one Muslim country if not more.

Muslims from western countries (including the good old USA) have attacked us. The latest of which came in the form of a beheading in Oklahoma of a middle-aged woman.

The truth is that modern Islam (which is less modern than the Islam practiced just a few decades ago) is not compatible with western civilization. Just read what the Koran actually says and there is no denying that. 

You may ask, “Well what about the Old Testament? There are some pretty terrible things written in it too.” 

Answer- If Catholic priests started preaching that infidels should be stoned, beheaded, buried alive, bombed, etc. and the Pope did nothing to stop it then you would have a point.

Islamic leaders are silent when it comes to the atrocities committed in the name of their religion. Terrorists all read the same script when killing in the name of Islam. Allah Akbar! And the first two letters of ISIS/ISIL stand for the ISLAMIC STATE!

Call the democrats out for saying they beat Al-Qaeda by killing bin Laden and address the root of the problem- Islam is radical. We are at war with Islam much like we were at war with the Nazis. Were all Germans Nazis? Was every Nazi Party member radical? No, but we didn't differentiate. We destroyed them. Germany and the rest of the world is better for it.

Ebola:  Simple. Stop Liberians and anyone else from countries with Ebola outbreaks from entering this country until the threat is neutralized which segues nicely to the next plank.

Immigration and Border Control:  Also simple. Close the southern border. The majority of Americans want a rational immigration policy that allows us to know who is coming here, if they are sick, and why they are coming.

If millions of unknown people carrying drugs and other unknown substances are coming to this country then is it really that far-fetched to think that ISIS or any of their aliases would come with a bomb or biological weapon?

Should we not support getting Americans back to work before opening our door to mostly uneducated and low-skilled workers that will undercut low-skilled American workers? The “communities” hit the hardest by illegal immigration are the very same drones that vote democrat compulsively since minorities in this country are typically at the lower end of the wage scale. Tell them that!

Voter ID:  There is not a single poll I can find that shows that the majority of Americans are against some form of voter ID. Besides being a States’ rights issue it is just common sense.

Republican candidates should support voter ID laws and pledge to grant states money to issue some form of ID to voters free of charge.

Gay Marriage:  Consultants are telling republican candidates to stay away from social issues. That is ridiculous. Every poll out there shows that Americans oppose gay marriage. The most important of these polls are referendum votes taken; all of which have affirmed marriage being between one man and one woman.

If the courts won’t act then candidates should support amending the Constitution to put this issue to rest once and for all.


I’m from Brooklyn and I say it like it is, which I am sure drives the editors nuts. Candidates and campaign workers smarter than me can articulate these points better than I can but they should not deviate from the core message I laid out.

The people that disagree with any of what I said are insane. Liberals in New York and California will not vote for republicans nor will they accept facts, reality, God or anything else that is good and right.
Write them off! We don’t need them. The majority of Americans are waiting to be given a reason to vote republican. The polls show that we can give them that reason because we believe what they believe.

I laid out the winning strategy but I am almost certain that republican candidates will not listen and wind up being more like Romney and McCain and less like Reagan.
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  1. Very, very good. Straight to the point, rational, and in regular people's english.

  2. Great take on the important national issues that Republicans need to really start talking about and not shy away from.

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