Broadcast Networks Midterm Election Coverage – Can You Hear The Crickets??

Let’s rewind for a moment to 2006. According to a study done by The Center for Media and Public Affairs, here are some statistics on the media coverage for the 2006 Midterm Elections:

1.       The 2006 elections were covered more than their counterpart in 1998 by almost a 200 story margin. The major broadcast news networks combined for a total of 271 evening stories that year.

2.       Two out of every three newscasts that were focused on the Democrats were positive pieces. On the other hand, four out of five assessments of the Republican candidates were unfavorable stories with negative commentary by the broadcasters.

Fast forward to the next pivotal midterm elections this year, and the coverage is shockingly different.

A study by The Media Research Center has noted that the broadcast networks have aired a total of 25 evening stories, which compared to the same period in 2006 was 159. This is a disappointing 6-1 ratio. The worst offender is ABC, which has not even aired a single story for the elections as of October 20th, compared to 36 by this time in 2006. Not a full coverage story, not even a mention of an election in any state. November 4th is apparently just another day on the calendar to the ABC executives.

So, what gives?

The media is showing that what they consider reporting is not what is actually news, but what is more important to them and what can tell the narrative that they want the public to hear. It is no secret that the broadcast media has been biased for many years. But this midterm election, they are putting that bias on display in full force.

These networks will not run stories about how the polls are showing the Republican candidates in the lead in most of the battleground Senate seats because that would mean that the Senate may fall out of Democrat hands and so long Harry Reid. These networks won’t even dare mention that the DCCC and candidates themselves have all but given up on possible pick-ups in the House since there is no shot at them taking back the House this year.

And far be it for the networks to cover scandals and negative issues as they did in 2006 with the unrelenting negative pieces on Republican candidates. The media refuses to go after their rising star Wendy Davis in Texas for a whole list of deplorable campaign tactics, including using rape victims, handicaps, and inter-racial marriage in negative ads against her opponent.

It is much easier for the media to report on using phone apps to pay off debt and Michael Phelps back in rehab after a DUI. What a disgrace for people who claim to be journalists.
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