Has Brooklyn's Anti-Obama Graffiti Writer Gone Too Far?

So today during work, I get a call from my family about - of all things - how more Anti-Obama / Anti-Dem graffiti keeps popping up all over our Sheepshead Bay neighborhood.

You may have seen my prior posts here and here about the new kind of vandalism popping up around the area train station.

Well, whoever is doing it is getting bolder.  Check it out.

That's right.  It's gone from public property to private property.   We found the now-closed medical center on the corner of Ocean Avenue and Shore Parkway tagged up on two sides.

It's the same message over and over throughout Sheepshead Bay - It's Anti-Obama, against illegal immigration and amnesty, and calls out Democrats as being supposedly "traitors", with a more-than-noticable racist tinge.

As I traveled through my neighborhood, I came across the pedestrian walkway that crosses the Belt Parkway near the Sheepshead Bay road train station - and I was floored.

Now you know me, I am all about free speech, but there is more than a hint of hate speech here that crosses a line, in my opinion.  Yes, many of us are fed up with what we see from the Left.  Yes, many of us believe that President Obama has our nation on the wrong track.  But there's gotta be a better way to express your frustration and your anger.  

Whether you agree with the means and methods or not, you can't deny that our current political climate has pushed someone - maybe a few someones - beyond their reasonable breaking point. 
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  1. https://www.facebook.com/rock103memphis/photos/a.181790880057.255751.158943725057/10154351409875058/?type=1&theater

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    1. FYI, I removed the comment because it looks like "sherry mecom" hit "Enter" too soon and wrote a new posting. :-)

  3. AWESOME ART!!! Love the different handwriting and colors!!!!!

  4. Is it though? I don't see how this helps the cause of conservatism - if that is even the goal of this person(s). Like I said, I am all about the First Amendment, but defacing private property - that's not what we should ever be about. Just a sign of the times when deep-blue Brooklyn has this popping up.

  5. Wben our voices are being heard but ignored... Expecy more action like this, not less.

  6. It wasn't me. I swear.

    I do empathize with the vandal(s) though...


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