Are free IDs for Illegals a stepping stone for something worse?

New York City is now added to the list of large cities across this nation offering free municipal IDs to illegal aliens. These IDs are meant to allow illegals to do things that ordinary law abiding citizens do, such as sign apartment leases and apply for city financial assistance. Of course, NYC's Mayor Bill De Blasio had to one-up some other cities with the municipal ID program and add perks such as free museum and concert hall memberships.

There are so many things wrong with these programs that I don't even know where to begin.

Obviously, our taxpayer dollars should be spent on programs for people who entered this country illegally and continue on a daily basis to violate our immigration laws. And obviously it is not hypocritical for these Democrat-lead cities to make a process for illegals to get free IDs from the government but having voter ID laws is racist. How laughable.

But I truly have deeper questions that we should really all ponder as more cities begin programs for free IDs for illegals: Is this a stepping stone for Democrats for a more open immigration policy? Are these policies being brought about in cities across the country to desensitize us into allowing illegals access to more and more benefits that we citizens have rights to?

For years, liberals have been labeling Republicans and conservatives who value our country's immigration policies as racist and anti-immigrant. This technique is not as effective in the world we live in, under constant concern of a terrorist attack and with a poor economic climate. So I believe that cities promoting these free municipal IDs for illegals that allow them access to our benefits is a new technique for the liberals to go about to getting their agenda passed. Giving illegals access to more of the benefits and rights of our citizens is just paving the path for them to be citizens.

Beware everyone; the more cities that start these free municipal ID programs for illegals, the easier it will be to allow liberals to change our immigration laws. Time to stand up and fight these programs before our immigration laws become non-existent.
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