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Can you step up like this?  Can you put your life on the line for strangers?
Editor's Note:  Mona writes this in response to the National Review “Its Time for Conservatives to Stop Defending Police”)

A.J. Delgado describes the police as a “large group of government employees with generous salaries and unions strongest in the country.” Source, please? Doesn’t she know that the starting salary for NYPD officer is $38,000? Yeah, that’s generous salary if you live in the Midwest. And, do "strong" unions not receive any raises in the past 20 years?

She continues her article by saying that “conservatives being the stalwart defenders of police forces.. and its time for conservatives’ unconditional love affair with the police to end.”


Why should we stop loving the officers who serve and protect us citizens daily for a paycheck that is not even worth it?  Why should we stop living in a safe city that the NYPD helped create? Why should we stop loving and defending the force who put their lives on the line on a daily basis?

Police officers do heroic work and many are fine, upstanding individuals who serve this city bravely and with honor. Why should conservatives, or liberals for that matter, view the police as enemies?

Did Delgado forget this, or is she jumping on the bandwagon of anger perpetuated by anti-police critics over an unfortunate and tragic death of Eric Garner (which has now been determined to be a homicide).

Lets state some facts here - Eric Garner had been arrested 31 times since 1988.  He was probably more familiar with the process.  And while nobody, including Eric Garner, should ever be put into a chokehold, matters escalated in part because of Garner resisting arrest. In the midst of this commotion for the handling of the resist, many forget to mention that Garner would be alive hadn’t he resisted the arrest. Declaring “it stops today” when officers approached Garner was basically a threat to the officer. Commissioner Bill Bratton stated that he didn’t expect the officer to walk away from this situation.

But should we turn our backs on law and order like Delgado suggests?  Hell no.

I didn’t see the multitude of articles or anywhere near the anger when a hispanic rookie cop died a week before in New Jersey.  I didn't see Rev. Al Sharpton or any others vultures who profit from pain and tragedy when the killer’s widow raged that more cops should be killed and her husband wanted to be famous by killing a young beautiful soul for doing his job.

Where was the outcry and anger for this just-as-tragic death?

In today's society where smart phones are taking over our daily lives, everything we say and do is recorded and saved that can be used against us anytime, anyplace and anywhere. The things we do and say is not being watched by one person anymore, it’s being viewed by over thousands and can spread larger than wildfire. But while a picture tells a story, it may not tell the story. While they provide a standpoint and a point of view of some portion of the story, it is not the beginning or the end of anything.

The widely circulated arrest video reflects only one segment of Garner's interaction with the police that day. It does not reveal, for example, his behavior, or the degree of police forbearance toward him, before the footage begins. And if it did, these evidence won't go viral. Never once have I ever seen a whole video where the person is cursing or threatening the cop. Now the criminal is the victim while the cops are "asshole pigs". Funny how society works, but when one is in trouble, who does one call when in danger... Oh wait the cops.

Delgado ended her with “to put police in the friend zone, please don’t call—and just in case, we’ll keep that video recording of our last encounter.” Great. Please do that. But, when you are in trouble, don't come crawling back to your “friends” when you need help or are in trouble, just keep filming or  continue to attack the finest.  That will keep you safe. Or better yet, why not call the individuals crying police brutality along with you. You know, the ones with the rap sheets as long as my arm. Call the “innocent individual” who attack the police with their words and hands .

I’m sure the NYPD won't mind you not calling them. They can go on with their shift helping others who want police help and respect them.

I and many other conservatives agree that smearing a police force that has made New York City one of the safest big cities in America is totally uncalled for. Instead of seeing only one side of the story since that will only be shown to the social media outlets, why not question the Finest - the one that deal with individuals threatening their lives while trying to do good for this city on a daily basis. 

Maybe then one can see the whole picture instead of just attacking our finest. 
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  1. Mona,we should not smear the police as an institution.However whenever we merely point out any kind of abuse you run the risk being outed as a Sharpton clone. Yes,that gap exists and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. God bless the NYPD for their fine job. If even our finest public officials need to be held accountable, why do our finest get to be above the law they have sworn to uphold? The fact he resisted arrest is no excuse for this. I don't hate the NYPD, I just want more of them to act like the vast majority of New York's finest

    1. "Anonymous" has a point. No one should be above the law. Personally, I support the NYPD, but I don't support illegal activity by anyone, including the NYPD.

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