Christie to CPAC: Republicans Must Win - Together

NJ Gov. Chris Christie addresses CPAC 2014  (Courtesy:  WSJ)
Coming to CPAC with his head up high, NJ Gov. Chris Christie gave his CPAC speech on the first day early Thursday afternoon putting forth the argument that Republicans must win elections in order to succeed. 

Christie received a standing ovation when he stepped up to the podium from the crowd, even though some still harbor mixed feelings about the Republican governor known for his hug of President Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Christie reminded the crowd that all conservatives of every degree  should "come out resolved not only to stand for our principles, but lets come out of this conference resolved to win elections again."

This year, Christie slammed the president for staying on the sidelines as our country is in danger. Reminding everyone of the successful republican governorship from Wisconsin's Scott Walker, with his collective bargain reform, Florida's Rick Scott, who reduced unemployment and crime, to himself, reforming New Jersey's entitlement system. 

Christie also stressed his pro-life stance from conception all the way to life's end.  "We need to rehabilitate troubled kids, because every life is precious no matter what issues they might face".   He also pushed for Republicans to be aggressive against Democrats on the issue.  "They are the party of intolerance, not us Republicans".  Republicans need to speak up against the left and the media to get our message across... "must speak up for the sake of the movement".  

Christie’s strong words against the President on his foreign and economic policies generated passionate rounds of applause from the audience. "We are for strong national defense, not one that allows countries to run us", he said while highlighting the troubles in Russia, Egypt and Syria.  "If America doesn't continue to "be a beacon of freedom around the world, we are not the only losers, the rest of the world loses too". 

Focusing on his progress in New Jersey and contrasting it with the dysfunction in Washington D.C., Christie made a strong case in his quest for the potential 2016 GOP nomination.  Though other candidates might be more ideologically conservative, the governor emphasized how he was able to get things done.  And in one phrase, Christie sent a unifying message. "Republicans should resolve internal conflicts, stand for our traditional core principles, and come out of this conference eager to win elections."  

"We don't get to govern if we don't win." 
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  1. MO-NAH! Great job on your first piece! :-)

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  3. 100% right Mona! The more the Tea Party keeps at trying to purge Republicans from winning seats, the more elections we're going to lose to Democrats. Rand Paul talks about "cleaning house of all RINO's." That's not how it works pal. The GOP is filled with moderates, conservatives, libertarians and even some Reagan Democrats. Stop the fighting, get your act together and win! The governor said it best, "start talking about what we’re for and not what we’re against." Now that's REAL leadership...


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