CPAC 2014 - Wayne Dupree!

Another great get for our CPAC 2014 coverage is fellow 2014 Blog Bash Award Nominee and good friend, Wayne Dupree!

When I met Wayne Dupree last year at CPAC, I could tell we were kindred spirits - kind of a cross between Russ and I - a bad ass with social media saavy!  Known to most by the handle "NewsNinja 2012", Wayne spent eight years in the US Air Force and saw time in the Gulf War. 

Admittedly, Wayne did not become a full-throated conservative until the 2008 election when, in Wayne's own words, "the media went race crazy as did the black liberal leaders."  From that moment on, Wayne watched politics more closely and found what most of us in Brooklyn realize - his Democrat-registered friends were actually quite conservative!  So Wayne opened his mind to "[learn] a lot more history that was not told to us in school"  So he decided to take on the media (hence the handle!)

Then he met Andrew Breitbart. 

"I was in a disagreement on Twitter when Andrew Breitbart joined in and told me that he 'liked my fight' and 'If you need me just let me know and I will be there for you.' This jump started my motivation from just speaking to doing," said Wayne.  "Andrew passed away two weeks after that but I know that he changed people’s lives when he spoke to them. I know that because he changed mine."

Since then, Wayne has been what I like to call the "Hardest Working Man in Podcasting", running his own show and website.  Wayne is constantly traveling, constantly speaking, constantly doing.  He's even appeared on Hannity.  And he's a social media giant! Wayne's Twitter account has over 46,000 followers, his Facebook is closing in on 42,000 followers and his YouTube Channel is over SEVEN MILLION views!  

When I grow up, I wanna be Wayne Dupree.  Can't wait to see my friend at CPAC!
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  1. Wow...this is a great piece! I work with Wayne and I can attest to his tireless work and undying dedication to the conservative cause. He is a brave black American who saw the light of day and jumped into it - not away from it. He takes a LOT of flack for being a black conservative, but this does not deter nor detract. He is steadfast in his mission to get the word out - and he is doing just that in a way only Wayne Dupree can...:)


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