Why America Is How It Is

Our "leaders" who get re-elected by low-information voters who put them there got us in to this mess.
Politics changes throughout history. Parties and demographics change and political issues change as well. When the Republican Party was created in 1856, it was not the same as it is today, or even as it was during the beautiful Reagan era. With this being said, politics today in the 2000s is very different. 

Government and politicians are distrusted by most people. There are many reasons why the American people have lost interest in politics; corrupt officials is one reason. Many politicians are always involved with different scandals. But there is a reason why government is the way it is, and why it is hard to have faith in it.

Uneducated voters is the reason why the United States of America is the way it is today. Today, the United States government is greedy and unwilling to work. With a few government shutdowns in recent years, parties pointing fingers, controversial bills being passed, recessions, and a worsening national debt, the United States is in a very bad situation, and it does not look promising for American descendants. The United States has fallen behind in many categories. Economically, China is predicted to soon have the highest GDP growth, and ultimately become the next power house. 

If there are many problems being caused by the current government, and most of America disapproves, then why are incumbents re-elected almost 90% of the time? According to polls, the least trusted branch of government is the Legislative, the only branch that is fully democratic! Last year, Congress’ approval rating was extremely low, at times falling below 5%.

Uneducated voters re-elected incumbents. Uneducated voters also voted Barack Obama into office. Obama won 95% of African-American votes last election. Granted, Democrats have won the African-American vote historically, with Al Gore winning 90% and John Kerry winning 88%. But, a large percent of those votes were from the age group 18-25. Many of those young voters admitted to voting for Obama only because he is African-American. On the other hand, many admitted to not voting for Barack Obama only because he is African-America. Either way, it is ignorant people that decide a vote based on skin color or race.

On the local level, 90% of incumbents win re-election. People re-elect Congressmen despite such a low approval rating. Many people are blinded to the fact that their district/state’s representative is the corrupt one that is adding to the government’s problems.

To some voters out there, there is sometimes no hope but to re-elect incumbents. The reason for this is gerrymandering. Also, there may only be one candidate on the ballot in smaller, less populated districts in the country. Gerrymandering causes the same candidate from the same party to win elections. Therefore, causing little to no change in Congress each election season. I still don’t understand how gerrymandering is constitutional.

It's such a big mess, few see any "hope" for real "change."
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