Incompetence On Display or Something More Sinister?

July 24, 2013 

Contact: Craig Eaton 

Brooklyn GOP Chairman: 

Elections Board loses last "shred" of decency 

Responding to news accounts that political nominating petitions for his supporters were shredded by political workers in the Brooklyn office of the New York City Board of Elections, Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton said he was "shocked and disgusted" by the Board's antics.

"The Board says there was a 'miscommunication' that led to the petition destruction," said Eaton, "well I want to know exactly what was said that could be so horribly misinterpreted."

Official Board of Election policy is to store all nominating petitions for two years, and longtime political observers in both parties can't remember such a blatant error.

"What could any supervisor have said," Eaton continued, "to cause anyone over the age of five to misunderstand or misconstrue an order and result in the destruction of a nominating petition?"

The Board was recently the focus of a political coup, with Eaton's nemesis, Senator Marty Golden, and the city's four Republican councilmen, joining forces to take control of the election board from the official Republican county organizations.

Coincidentally, Golden installed Republican State Committeeman Simon Shamoun of the 46th Assembly District as the new GOP Elections Commissioner for Brooklyn, the same district from which the destroyed petitions were gathered.

Eaton also said he plans to file a Freedom of Information Act request for all internal documents and memos surrounding the destruction of the petitions.

"The public has a right to know what happened here," said Eaton, "and we will get to the bottom of this."

The incident has raised eyebrows because sources at the Board claim that two Democratic employees of the agency were handling the petition at the time of its destruction. Board policy is for all petitions to be handled by a team comprised of at least one Democrat and one Republican.

"There are two many lapses in decades-old policy, and two many unanswered questions here," Eaton concluded, "and if the Board of Elections is unable or unwilling to get to the truth, I am confident there are other government agencies who can and will do so."
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  1. We need to give them a simple test at the Board of Elections like.

    1) What Color Is the Red Truck a)Red b)Blue

    2) The phone rings what do you do
    a)Keep Texting
    b)Don't Answer It
    c)Go to the toilet
    d)Be Polite

    Do you need more questions for the test!!!!


    Because "Copy" and "shred" sound exactly alike. Sorry, I don't believe in "unfortunate coincidences" - especially when this happened almost a week ago and (1) there is no report and (2) no one has been terminated as a result: either Democrat OR Republican.

  3. In the end the truth will always prevail


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