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  1. Ahh Captain America Returns.
    You can't make this s--t up.

    Him and his wife need Medical Attention Quickly.

    Then you have the other idiot Spitzer who is just as sick.

    Then we have many idiots on that site by Gale.

    Little did they know I am The Government and I have always been in my mind. When I left the service I was deep undercover.

    So deep, in fact I had to throw away all the papers to protect many people.

    That Moron who gave odds on Galewyn Blog is pretty accurate with odds and myself now if i was to wager I would say Weiner is now 1000-1
    to lose. Spitzer is now 800-1 to lose.
    Quinn has just dropped to 700-1 to lose, Thompson has dropped to 500-1 to lose and Liu is around 400-1 to lose and the rest are around 100 to one to lose. This entire lot is now long shots and like that person Omar said you all need to hear his words and to me Captain America I have to bet on Cat Man for I know in my heart and soul he is the right man and tell him he can own my book rights for $1,000,000 billion dollars or better yet tell the United States of America it's for free for saving my life 3 times, but I have changed my mind now and I might sell it to the Chinese, it's your call President Obama what it States on your Money.
    Do You Trust In God or NOT!!!

  2. Your full of cow dung Captain America and the Government will bury you. Your a Moron, Gale is a Moron, Omar is a Moron and thank God I am a Democrat and stop bashing one of the greatest President this country has ever seen.
    Thompson is my favorite for he is at least a brother and understands what it means to be black like me.


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