WED@6PM - Celebrate the Opening of the Catsimatidis B'klyn Office!

We interrupt our normal show promotion to bring you this programming note:  

Are you ready to get back to "pounding pavement"?  We are!  We're pre-empting Brooklyn GOP Radio to welcome the next Mayor of NYC, John Catismatidis!  

If you're in the NYC area on Wednesday, stop by the "Victory Center" - 7620 17th Ave. - in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn to join the Brooklyn GOP in celebrating the grand opening of the Brooklyn HQ for the Catsimatidis campaign.

Did I mention that sandwiches and refreshments will be served?  Oh, well I guess I just did.  

Everyone is welcome to attend.  You can learn more about  joining the Brooklyn GOP's effort in support of our Chairman Craig Eaton as well as attend a FREE petitioning class sponsored by the Brooklyn YRs!
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