Prayers For Our Friends In Boston

I'm taking a break from politics until this week's show out of respect to our good friend and Bostonian Brad Marston.  In his words:

If people don't understand why I might get emotional about people's statements about the tragedy in Boston today, my Mom's house is Point A on this map. The explosions happened at Point B. When I heard about this I was downtown and called my Mom. I knew she was home and got her answering machine.
I am asking that people not politicize the worst 20 minutes of my life that it took me to get home to make sure she was okay.
I hope you follow my lead and leave the political bickering aside for awhile.
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  1. Captain America
    A pray for all in Boston and a moment of silence and your pain is felt very deeply.
    In the end they with the twisted thoughts of bring fear into America will one day know, for this fear makes America stronger by the day and like always the sleeping LION will wake and destroy all the evil!

  2. Gene you were right on target with your last show and they nailed the Morons.

    Goodness always defeats Evil.

    A riddle for you The Spies have been many within your mist and now you know for sometimes Evil comes dressed as your best friend and sometimes things are not exactly like they appear, thread lightly but always remember soldiers in Battles NEVER leave their follow Brothers behind> Excuse me while I Pop A Bud!!!


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