Michael E. Reagan - Brooklyn GOP's Lincoln Dinner Keynote Speaker!

Earlier tonight, we announced that Michael E. Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan, will be this year's Keynote Speaker at the Brooklyn GOP's Lincoln Dinner!

Here's an excerpt from his bio:
Michael is the son of former President Ronald Reagan and Academy Award winning actress, Jane Wyman. He authored many successful books, including his best-selling autobiography, “On the Outside Looking In,” and “The Common Sense of An Uncommon Man: The Wit, Wisdom and Eternal Optimism of Ronald Reagan.” His book “Twice Adopted” is based on his personal story while his latest book “The New Reagan Revolution”reveals new insights into the life, thoughts, and actions of the man who changed the world during the 1980s.
He is a popular national speaker on issues related to conservative politics, adoption, and the life lessons he learned from his parents. Michael hosted a live radio show for over 26 years, which was the first nationally syndicated long form political talk show presented by Premiere Radio Networks. Michael is also the founder and chairman of The Reagan Group, LLC. All of his activities are brought together at www.Reagan.com.

Needless to say, I'm pumped to meet Mr. Reagan at the Lincoln Dinner! If you're a Young Republican, pay your dues for 2013 and get a discounted price on your dinner ticket.

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  1. Fine choice for a speaker and you two guys are doing a hell of a job and please try and stay positive with all the negative things I read and hear about you all.
    I am amazed how you all continue to go on.
    I do see something special in all of you and Craig I knew he had a goal and I hope and pray one day you all will join together and become one club. My son at 6 years old once told me after hearing a family fight as we walked to the little league field to play baseball, daddy why can't we all be friends.
    I patted him on his head and told him that would be nice son. I tell you all it would be nice if you all could get along, just maybe the reason I say this today I am a dreamer and I do see the little child in everyone. Bye

  2. Thanks Guys for everything if you need me for signatures call me

  3. To Russ
    In a battle field in my mind, many years ago I did something and I promised myself I would never do it again, I had to leave them behind Russ. In my mind Russ you are still a soldier and can understand this and Russ I would never leave you behind and anybody that talks bad about any of you, is talking bad about me.


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