Welcome to the People's Republic of New York

Yep, it's official.  New York is the "least free" state in the Union.

Upon entering, you'll be checked for oversized sodas, salt shakers and magazines with more than 8 bullets.  

Russell just linked this article from Investor's Business Daily, that shows how liberalism is a detriment to economic and personal freedom.

A study by George Mason University's Mercatus Center "found a strong correlation between a state's freedom ranking and migration, which means that Americans are gravitating toward states that have less-intrusive governments."

Shocking, right?

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  1. Captain America

    A Divided house. How can we mend this Republican house in Brooklyn that has been ripped apart by personalities. This person does not like this person and that person does not like this person.
    I visit a lot of political sites and read the remarks. The Senators and even the Congressmen and women are the same all over the country Divided on what is right and or wrong.
    My right could be your wrong and your right could be my wrong.
    When I first came to 17th Avenue I studied everything and everybody. Craig Eaton is the Chairman and a lot of people do not like him or Russ or Gene.
    Their opinions on what is right or wrong is their opinions and if you don't like their opinions what do people do.
    They talk about them like they are dogs.
    This is wrong!
    If you are into politics just to create a soap opera and talk about people then you are into destroying yourself and everything around you.
    If your really concerned about politics in Brooklyn and the people of Brooklyn come on down and get the signatures and work as ONE.
    Craig is the chairman and in my thoughts he is the boss.
    Craig tries like hell to do the right thing and all I see is people bashing his head in.
    Then they bash Russ and Gene for trying.
    You have to learn that it is not only about the self, but about the whole.
    What is right for all the people, not just a select few and you have to learn to listen to all opinions and if in your thoughts you feel they are doing a horrible job than go down to 17th Avenue and do a better job.
    I see right thru people and their lies and their bullshit, but I don't talk about them like they are dogs for my thoughts are my thoughts and why would I want to hurt peoples feelings.
    If you think and feel you can do a better job like Craig said once come on down and do it and these are his remarks.
    Than come on down or shut up. A divided house will never beat the Democrats in any up coming Major elections.
    This People's Republic of New York is going to get worst and worst, unless we all become ONE in thought!


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