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  1. Late at night a secret meeting at the White House with Bo the Presidents dog, Oscar the squirrel and Ralph the bald eagle. Bo is sometimes paranoid and does not want to let O hear everything. Today Ralph brought along a small helicopter and the three of them are looking it over.
    Bo to Ralph, have you learned how to operate it. Look we are learning, we have to make it a little bigger that way squirrels could operate them and besides at present we have enough bald eagles scouting the United States and around the world to spot any terrorist activity.
    Bo to Oscar how are we doing with uniting all of the squirrels in the 50 States and do we have any candidates to fly yet.
    Oscar to Bo, very good and Bo we do have most of the States covered and our worldwide contacts has been growing and we are right on target with this and 5.000 have volunteered so far for flying missions
    Bo that is good, you know if the humans can’t communicate we have to help them.
    Theirs, a noise from the corner and they all turn it is Josie the mouse and she yells at them. What about us and Josie you can imagine is pissed off and yelling, you guys always forget about us and Ralph thinking, wow she is right, small drones the size of cigarette packs with mice operating them and flying all over the place.
    The CIA is listening and thinking of the future of drones and the cost savings it could have on its operations and besides if the animals are shot down they could never give away information.
    Ralph tells Josie, you know Josie you are right and besides we have to keep coming up with new ideas and they all smile and jump up and down.
    High on the ceiling there is a fly and this is a special fly for it is Moshe the Bald Eagle whom God has turned into a fly to observe and report back to him what is going on in the animal kingdom.
    God tells Moshe in thought, you see Moshe I am everywhere for I Am, The All Seeing Eye.
    God thinks of the Earth and all, its splendor and remembers the 1st creation and then the 2nd creation and God looks down upon them and in thought thinks of the little children and smiles
    Thinking of his Angels, the prophets, the seers and wonders will they ever know how I communicate with them and will they ever again believe in me like they use to.
    God flies over the Vatican as the smoke bellows out its white smoke and God smiles for he knows finally a good man who cares about my children.
    Returning to Mt. Sinai God thinks to himself in thought, maybe my Angels are right.
    I have created more good then evil and smiles again and thinks of all the simple people in the world and wishes in thought why can’t they all be like the Amish people.


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