Here's To You NYC!

I am no Starbucks fan but I will be enjoying the biggest Mocha Latte Frappuccino with Vanilla Flavoring, extra sugar, whipped cream, and extra "Frapp" while I type away on a laptop and/or read poetry with some local hipsters.

Starbucks will continue to sell sugary drinks larger than the new 16 oz. limit in NYC.

Who would've thought Starbucks would be the freedom-fighters of this generation?

What happened to us???
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  1. Captain America

    Deep in the basement of The White House Bo the Presidents Dog, Oscar the Squirrel and Ralph the Bald Eagle are trying to figure out this Soda thing that Mayor Bloomberg is pushing.
    Bo why is he doing this, does he care about all the fat people and their health issues which will occur in the future, especially children?
    Oscar he seems like a fun loving guy who cares, but I really can't figure this out.
    Ralph, well my opinion it's all about taxes.
    As they sip their 32 ounces soda's the President is in the other room listening and he thinks to himself.
    Without Bo, Oscar and Ralph I think I could not come up with any original ideas.
    Bo, Oscar and Ralph know he is listening and Bo whispers lets see what he thinks, all smiling at each other and giggling.
    Bo maybe the President can get a tax for the Air the American people consume.
    Oscar wow that is great Bo.
    Ralph, Bo you are a genius and just think every America can walk around with meters and the air consumed will be registered and they could be billed at tax time and this will lower the tax money the Federal Government has to give back in tax refunds.
    The President thinking WOW Another great idea and just maybe this will help climate control with people thinking before they breath and taking less breaths, I better run this by my cabinet and this will be easy they agree with what ever I say and now I have to figure out how to sell this to the American People as really a saving of our country resources our air and The Republicans will complain how much will it cost for the meters, etc and when they complain I will make it their idea and suggestion and just maybe we could as Americans not agree on anything, like we always do and just maybe this Air Bill could slip thru. The President thinking you have to love Bo, Oscar and Ralph and the ideas they come up with and to think a lot of people write and tell me the White House has gone to the Dogs, well they are right in away.
    Bo you know guys I love the president for he is willing to take any idea and run with it.


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