A Brilliant Quote from a Brilliant Man

Not from me obviously....

"Many law professors, and others who hold contempt for our Constitution, preach that the Constitution is a living document. Saying that the Constitution is a living document is the same as saying we don't have a Constitution. For rules to mean anything, they must be fixed. How many people would like to play me poker and have the rules be "living"? Depending on "evolving standards," maybe my two pair could beat your flush."

-Walter E. Williams

The rest of his piece is here: The Law or Good Ideas?

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  1. Captain America

    The Law of Good Ideas. Maybe you ALL should look deeper into this and reflect on The Brooklyn Young Republicans on 17th Avenue and you call yourself the Original. Then we have another group calling themselves The Original Young Republicans and this is run by Glenn Nocera and to be truthful they are the Original Club which was formed in 1880.
    A House Divided hmm. Sad and I will be bold enough to tell you all at the pace you people are going you will be luck enough to capture any seat in the future.
    Now to reflect on the National scene. It's the same thing a House That is Divided?
    Wow The Democrats are Playing you all and they got you exactly where they want you ALL.
    I have studied Politics for close to 55 years and I can tell you all one thing The Republican Party is fading and fading and guys their is still a chance to rebound but you need to reach out to the immigrants who have started to take over Brooklyn and soon Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, Bensonhurst, Mill Basin, etc will be more and more Democrat and you guys will be closing the door on 17th Avenue.
    Stay divided, is this club, just a club of personalities who wants to be in charge!
    Maybe it's time to think about the Whole and not just a few and just maybe this is a Good Idea


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