Hyprocrisy, Thy Name is Journal-News

I was ecstatic to find out today that The O'Reilly Factor used a clip from our interview with David Keene as part of a Follow-Up segment on the saga that has become the Journal-News's horrible judgment in publishing names and addresses of gun permit holders in the mid-Hudson region of the state.  As you'll see, the segment highlights how the Journal-News has basically crawled into a ball and clammed up to all media scrutiny.

My, oh my.  Doesn't feel good to be on the bad end of it, does it?  Don't like the pointy end of that stick, do ya?

Russell and I try our best to call things as we see 'em, and we are both committed to calling out hypocrisy when we see it.  

So when the Journal-News put peoples' lives in danger by publishing their interactive "armed and dangerous" map and then threw up a wall of silence guarded by armed professionals, we, like so many others, have gotta call that out.  

How can they reconcile the two actions?  How can the Journal-News, their owner, publisher and editors vilify gun ownership and then rely on gun owners for protection. 

“The safety of my staff is my top priority,” said  publisher Janet Hasson said to the NY Times

But safety from what?  Aside from an avalanche of negative press and anger, let's note that not one threatening act or activity has come to light

[A]n editor at the West Nyack office told the local police that the newspaper had received “a large amount of negative correspondence” related to the publication of the map, according to a police report highlighted by The Rockland County Times on Tuesday. The police report said that e-mails received did not contain threats and that armed guards from a private security firm had not reported any problems at the office

Hiring armed guards and the rationale behind it is another vilification of the law-abiding gun owning community. And outrageous hypocrisy.  
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