BROOKLYN, NY --     Russell Gallo, the Republican / Conservative candidate for State Assembly in the 45th District, is proud to announce that Mayor Rudy Giuliani has enthusiastically endorsed his candidacy!

A former U.S. Attorney, Mayor Giuliani was elected the 107th Mayor of New York in 1993, defeating David Dinkins.  Giuliani led New York into a new age of prosperity and turned the Big Apple into the model of urban renewal that big cities around the nation emulate to this day.  Under the Giuliani administration, New Yorkers’ quality of life improved in ways few ever thought possible. Crime dropped in the city faster than anywhere else in the nation, Times Square was restored to the family-friendly destination it is today and a budget deficit left by his liberal predecessor turned into a budget surplus.  But most notably, Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s unwavering and steadfast leadership in the days after the attacks of September 11th earned him a place in American history as one of the standard bearers of the nation’s recovery from tragedy and a living symbol of America’s resilience. 

Mayor Giuliani did not hesitate in lending his support to the Gallo campaign after meeting with Russell Gallo and Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton.  “Right now, the State Assembly lacks the leadership and the will to do what must be done to get our state functioning properly,” said Mayor Giuliani.  “Russell Gallo is a born leader.  Russell has devoted his life to service in the U.S. Army at home and in Iraq.  Russell has the courage to stand up to the dysfunction in Albany and serve his community with the same honor and dignity he has shown throughout his entire life.”

“I am proud to endorse Russell Gallo for State Assembly and I urge everyone to vote for him on November 6th so he can help fix Albany,” said Mayor Giuliani. 

Gallo, an Iraq War veteran and Republican leader, expressed how much respect he has for Mayor Giuliani and how humbled he is to have Mayor Giuliani’s support.  “When my unit and I were assigned to Ground Zero after we were attacked in 2001, Mayor Giuliani’s leadership in the face of the horror of September 11th inspired me to continue serving my neighbors and my country,” said Gallo.  “Today is like coming full circle for me. Talking with Mayor Giuliani and earning his endorsement inspires me to work even harder.”

“With “America’s Mayor” behind me, I look forward to victory on Election Day now more than ever,” said Gallo.  “I can’t thank Mayor Giuliani enough.” 
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