Special Republicans Win Special Elections

Here in Brooklyn, we know a "special" win when we see it, and Gov. Scott Walker's recall election win qualifies in the "pretty darn" category of special wins!

Whether it was a message to Obama on Israel, a message to the southern Brooklyn Democratic powers brokers, or a strong fiscal conservative message, Republicans have won them all.

The Wisconsin recall election is only the latest victory for Republicans in what has already become a tradition in Special elections. Voters are actually making the right choice, when given an extraordinary chance. 

Scott Walker was not a solid favorite to win this race after he was recalled by almost a million signatures. Turnout was high and the Occupies / Big Labor / OFA put in all their efforts to defeat the Wisconsin Governor who was not accused of a crime or abuse of power, but for governing as a fiscal conservative since elected by the voters in 2010. Yet, despite the exit polls (which I will from today on never trust again!) and the liberal media pundits' assessment that this will be a stunning defeat for the Republicans nationwide, Scott Walker pulled an upset victory with an overwhelmingly strong 7 point gap, bringing one of the Democratic supporters to burst out into tears, mourning the "Death of Democracy".

In a year that embattled incumbents would be punished, and in the face of such a heavy turnout in a state that went for Gore, Kerry and Obama, Scott Walker managed to become the first Governor to come out victorious in a recall election.

Yes, WE got the message loud and clear.  This is a resounding message that will be carried across the country during this election season. We are standing up for American values.  We are for fair job growth and business development. We are against hand-outs and overbloated union sweetheart deals.

The Republicans have earned the trust of many Independents and disappointing Democrats because, when elected, we are, first and foremost, fiscally conservative. We represent the voters' desire to reduce the deficit and the growing debt, to create American jobs, stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies and protect this great country.

Game on, folks! On to Victory in November.
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  1. Captain America

    Great job Jacob, beautiful piece of writing!

    You know God loves America and Israel!

    Stay positive everyone for their are going to be more and more victories as time goes on.


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