Limbaugh: Bob Turner Would "Be Great In The Senate"

High praise from one of the voices of conservatism!  Rush Limbaugh, who discussed the liberals run amok at PS 90 on his show today, had some glowing things to say about Bob Turner:

On working with Bob Turner when Rush was in TV Syndication:
He was a great guy. He is a great guy. And he has the perfect temperament. I mean, the guy knew what he was getting into. Almost. (laughing) He sized it up real quickly, and he was as loyal as the day is long.  He had a stick-to-itiveness. He couldn't be rattled.
On the U.S. Senate race in New York: 
Bob's going for all the marbles. He's running for the Senate. And there's a Republican primary in New York on June 26th, and he's got a good chance of winning this thing, and we want him to win this seat. He'd be great in the Senate. If he wins the primary, he'd be up against Kirsten Gillibrand for all the marbles.
Rush then goes into P.S. 90 controversy, which you can read here.  Give the clip a listen!
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  1. Captain America

    Lets Go Turner. Lets Go Turner.

    Boy the tide is starting to change I feel it and see the future for The Party of Lincoln will prevail.

    Watch out Gillibrand, Turner is a coming.

  2. Captain America

    Just think if my proposal that was sent to my Congressman Michael Grimm about the Guns and Rifles.

    "The Tiny Computer Chip inside would save thousands and Holder and America would do battle against evil more smartly".

    As always it is Michael and they that are in charge, their FREE WILL to do what is right and just talk about it.

    How would you feel if your wife and son were shot on the "R' train by a lunatic with an un licensed gun.

    Maybe you would say these proposals are a great idea.

    Think have you ever been in a fire fight with guns where all hell brakes loose, think of the policemen who can live this in a second.

    Then think how they mock him for making a call which we pay him to do.

    Think for I have lived this and most people will never feel this, but I do for I lived it.

    That is why I write for I do have a lot of pain what I see, feel and read.

    What I read it seems is always about me, me and me and does any body really care about their brothers and sisters for we are all ONE.

    You think about this and think about Mr. Eaton and all his pain and when he asks you just for a little help.

    Help him, for in the end God will shine down on you all and smile.


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