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While every is out petitioning, let's have a little fun.  We already know we have the wittiest audience out there - now prove it!  Leave your best caption idea in the Comments Section.
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  1. "getting instructions from big brother"

  2. Captain America

    Dud...What do I do.

    Is that what she is doing?

    I know she is, oh well, why write about what we already know and on to more important things.

    In Brooklyn The people are getting mad and more mad at what they see and read.

    In Queens they are getting even more mad and you know it The Republicans will shine in Nov.

    They must think we the people are all Morons.

    Everybody stay positive and don't let your guard down for we are in the mist of one of the greatest political wars this country will ever see and you guys are directing this war.

    So guys let go and lets see those waves for we will shine in the end and Lincoln will smile bigger than he already is.

  3. Watchman here

    It’s Time for The Obama Family Fun Show.

    With Bo the Presidents dog, Oscar the squirrel and Ralph the bald eagle.

    In a secret room deep inside of the White House, the lights are off and Ralph tells Bo and Oscar we know she is an idiot.

    Bo tells them at least she pets me and tells me I am cute.

    Ralph well we all agree she is a moron, right?

    All three nod in agreement.

    Bo tells Oscar and Ralph, now on to more pressing things.

    What do we do about the President?

    Bo tells them, you know I love him, but lately he is learning Chinese and I don’t know why.

    Oscar cuts in, we have to look at this and does he have long range plans we don’t know about?

    All three thinking, Bo tells them, we should all start praying to God for help for the country needs this.

    Just than the lights go on, there is a little fat man there, they look at each other and together they say who are you?

    The little fat man tells them you prayed and asked for God.

    I am God.

    Bo smiles, but you are Chinese!

    God tells them I am all.

    Oscar chimes in and tells God, what does it all mean God?

    God replies.

    Listen, my children for you three are smarter than the humans.

    It means nothing, for you all are searching for something you already found and have.

    Bo to God and what is that God?

    God replies compassion and disappears.

    The lights go off.

    They sit in silence.

    After a minute Ralph tells them, I got it.

    Bo tells Ralph, got what?

    Forgive them for they know not what they do the humans and the president.

    The lights come on and there is a new person standing there and he tells them you just met Buddha.

    Bo tells this new person, who are you?

    I am you and you are me and together we are ONE.

    Together the four of us will figure out what is good for all the people.

    They all smile and Oscar tells them, are we really Republicans minded.

    They all agree, yes we are and now we have to get ever body MAD and then maybe a Republican will be the next president.

    Bo and Oscar jump up and down and wag their tails, Ralph flaps his wings.

    The new person smiles at them and flaps his wings for he is an Angel sent to them from God.

    God looks down at the four of them and smiles, knowing everything is going exactly like God wants it to go.

  4. General Grant

    In Heaven an Angel talking to General Grant.

    General is it true you were the first President to put in a Civil rights act.

    No that is not correct The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was the first enacted April 9, 1866 and was a federal law in the United States that was mainly intended to protect the Civil Rights of African-Americans, in the wake of the American Civil War. The Act was enacted by Congress in 1865 but it was vetoed by President Andrew Johnson. In April 1866 Congress again passed the bill, Johnson again vetoed it, but this time a two-thirds majority in each house overcame the veto and the bill became law.

    When I was President in 1868, there were the Civil Rights Acts passed in 1870, 1871 and 1875, the Southern Democrats were always putting these acts down, as did the previous President Andrew Johnson who was a Democrat.

    Angel to General Grant, thank you Mr. President.

    Angel thinking, so we have President Lincoln who was a Republican who was the 16th President of The United States who was killed by Southern Democrats and now President Grant who was the 18th President of The United States passing all of these acts and he was a Republican.

    Hmm the 1st two Republican Presidents were for the little man and are not for the rich.

    Angel with a thought, maybe I should ask God is it better to be a Republican or a Democrat?

    Thinking again I can’t do that, he is off creating new worlds.

    Thinking wow if Senator Gillibrand knew this and knew the real truth about her own party she might just switch and become, a Republican or is she a Republican hiding as a Democrat skin?

    It can’t be she is not a Republican, wow what morons they have in the Democratic Party.

    Thinking, I wonder what party God, would vote for?

    Oh well maybe I should read about the rest of the presidents before I make a call on this.

    Thinking again, so far the Republican Party looks like the best Party for The American people and just think a lot of the little people don't even know this for they have been lied to for years by the Democrats


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