Hey, Look Over The Street: The Uncommitted Democrats

So, what is more embarrassing - facing tough primary challengers and "underperforming", or a supposedly-likeable President with "great" achievements barely getting through uncontested primaries?

The MSM largely said during the bruising GOP primaries that Mitt Romney has a problem with the Republican conservative base - that he will not be able to mobilize them or solidify his base in order to court the independent and undecided voters in the fall. However, it turns out that President Obama has a serious problem with his core base, while Governor Romney has rallied his primary rivals and, with a conservative base behind him, managed to draw the race into a dead heat 5 months before Election Day.

Besides having some fun on Twitter and mocking the President's weak showing (in addition to his poor poll numbers, these numbers ought to be put in context: it's a tough year for incumbents in a very frustrating environment.

Nonetheless, for an inmate, an unknown activist or even a 'uncommitted' protest vote to get 42% in 3 primaries against an unchallenged incumbent should not only a wake up call for the President's team, but is a sign of a growing frustration within the Democratic party with Obama wrecking this country's economy and taking the most far left liberal positions at a time when people are struggling with ends meet and are yearning for some unified leadership to put the country back on track.

As I always argue, in order to win a competitive election, one must solidify a base but also bite into his opponent's traditional base with a broader appeal while not leaving anyone feeling that he/she abandoned his/her base.  Congressman Bob Turner in the NY-9 special election was a perfect example.

These primary embarrassments for Team Obama grant Mitt Romney a rare opportunity to appeal to those disappointed Democrats - many of whom are part of the 23 Million people unemployed - and to those who oppose the President's sharp liberal turn (like those independents out there) that care about the future. All Mitt Romney has to do is draw a sharp contrast with the President on the issues that matter the most for all Americans. He must sharpen his fiscal message and plea for the rare chance to look above party affiliation or policy differences. He must convince those outside of his base to not only want to fire Barack Obama, but to want to hire the right guy, for the right job, at the right time.

I believe that a coalition of enthusiastic Republicans, optimistic Independents and disappointed Democrats will not only make this election close, but give Romney the upper hand and ultimately winning this election on election night with a overwhelming majority and a strong electoral college showing.

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  1. Captain America

    Great Piece Jacob, keep up the good work.

    Obama's own Democrats have to make a real big choice this election and read thru all the bullshit, lies and of course the scams, this last 3 years.

    You can make what the Democrats do into a weekly comedy show on television, sort of like a giant soap opera, it would be comedy, but also the truth and most people would start to think and realize, wow the Democrats really do think we are idiots and morons.

    It’s time for The Obama Family Fun Show staring Bo the Presidents Dog, Oscar the squirrel and Ralph the Bald Eagle.

    In a secret room in the White House Bo, Oscar and Ralph talking about Obama, Ralph tells Bo you have to address the America People and explain what you have been trying to do these last 3 years.

    Bo tells Ralph and Oscar how by barking, will the humans understand anything I tell them?

    Oscar cuts in telling Ralph and Bo, I was giving this new piece of equipment where it will take your, barking and transform it into the English language.

    Ralph flaps the wings.

    Oscar runs around the desk happy.

    Finally Bo can address the America People Oscar screams out, Bo wags his tail.

    They start the machine Bo addressing The American people.

    My fellow Americans it is an honor for me to address you as the 1st dog to speak via this new equipment. Technology is wonderful.

    Most of you think of dogs as mans, best friend, which we are.

    Enough is enough, for we the dogs, the squirrels, the eagles and all other creatures have feelings and know what this President and his party are doing to you our human friends.

    If we can see it and feel it, why can’t you.

    Feeding you total bullshit, lying and oh the scams the Democratic Party pull behind closed doors you would never believe.

    I have tried talking to the President but he does not listen and he does understand me, for he is always reminding me what happens to dogs that do not agree with him (This scares me and after he hears this speech you may never hear from me again, and you all know what he might do to me) now in our hearts me, Oscar and Ralph know he is an idiot, he may be smart book wise, but he does not understand why The Party of Lincoln was formed.

    I tried my fellow Americans, as did Oscar and Ralph.

    In closing I would like to say, if you vote for my master President Omaha who I love with all my heart, you my fellow Americans are The Morons and Idiots and deserve everything you get in the next four years.

    Oscar and Ralph both jumping for joy, just than the door opens, its Obama, he looks at them, see’s them all, closes the door and locks it from outside. (Obama was behind the door listening to everything that just happen) Obama then runs to the kitchen, tells Israel the cook, come with me and bring the rest of your staff for tonight’s dinner I have caught.

    Mean while on Mt. Sinai, God is chatting with Moshe the eagle.

    Moshe asking God what does it all mean.

    God responds to Moshe.

    Moshe it is all about FREE WILL.

    Think positive, but most of all to get to heaven you have to have just one thing.

    Moshe to God, what is that my God


    Captain America out for some exercise and a lot of positive thinking, for with the Democrats in charge of The White House, I need this positive thinking and so do all Americans.

    Think positive Young Republicans


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