WJHC 107.5 FM

Behind Enemy Lines is proud to announce that we've expanded our radio reach to the Florida-Georgia Line!

Now, you can listen to Behind Enemy Lines Radio on WJHC Talk 107.5 FM in beautiful Jasper, FL - affiliate home of Michael Savage, Herman Cain, Mark Levin and the great shows of Red Nation Rising Radio!

WDDQ Talk 92.1 Proudly Broadcasts Talk America Radio - JUSTICE from 9PM to 6AM, Sun-Thur and 12AM to 3PM, Saturdays.

Talk America Radio works hand in hand with terrestrial (AM/FM) radio stations to create blocks of alternative programming, featuring a wide variety of talk shows from all across America.

Scott James, owner of Smalltown Broadcasting, LLC, operates multiple terrestrial radios stations in south Georgia and north Florida.  Scott has pioneered the perfect marriage between Internet Talk Radio and AM/FM Talk Radio and is currently proving his concept to be a success by providing his listeners with up to 22 additional Talk America Radio shows each week!

You can catch BEL weekly on Wednesdays at 1 AM on WJHC

And if you miss anything, don't worry! You can catch any show you miss live anytime On Demand through any one of these services!


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