Welcome To The Behind Enemy Lines

Those who occupy these um... hallowed? halls have merited the contempt and scorn of this show, in all of its incarnations, and deserve your jaundiced eye from their date of induction until the end of the internets.

Behind Enemy Lines - 2016

Anthony Weiner
Second Rate Buffoon:  Donna Brazile
3rd Rate Buffoon: Colin Kaepernick

Behind Enemy Lines - 2015

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Second Rate Buffoon:  CNBC Debate Moderators
3rd Rate Buffoons: Rachel Dolezal & Hillary Clinton

Behind Enemy Lines - 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton
Second Rate Buffoon:  Jonathan Gruber
3rd Rate Buffoons:  "Fappy The Anti-Masturbating Dolphin" & Wendy Davis

Brooklyn GOP Radio - 2013

3rd Rate Buffoon - Glenn Nocera
2nd Rate Buffoon - "Carlos Danger"
1st Rate Buffoons - Brooklyn "Republicans" For Change

Brooklyn GOP Radio - 2012*

Brooklyn GOP Radio - 2011

Winner - Occupy Wall Street
Runner-Up - Anthony Weiner

Brooklyn GOP Radio - 2010

Gold Medal - Atlas Shrugs In Brooklyn Blog
Silver Medal - Janele Hyer-Spencer
Bronze Medal - Lucretia Regina Potter


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