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Behind Enemy Lines is a national Award-Winning radio show / podcast broadcasting live out of the belly of the Democratic beast - "The People's Republic of" New York City that airs on multiple radio stations as part of the Talk America Radio Network! The show is also available on multiple networks across the internet, with more being added regularly.

The show highlights national politics with a conservative spin from "insurgent" Republicans fighting for every scrap they can get! Guests from the world of politics - candidates, elected officials, journalists, authors, personalities, pundits and prognosticators - stop by to discuss current events. The show and its predecessor, Brooklyn GOP Radio, has been recognized as a legitimate source - even shows like The O'Reilly Factor and CBS This Morning have cited the show and its blog for original source material!

 a charmingly loose and gritty vibe 

But it's not all business on air - in fact, there's rarely a dull moment, especially when the hosts put listeners on notice of the #TwoDrinkMinimumRadio requirement to listen.  Sarcasm is a second language on Behind Enemy Lines, as evidenced by the wildly successful "Buffoon of the Week", where the hosts will nominate a public figure and hold him/her out for ridicule for some dubious distinction ripped from the headlines, culminating at the end of the year with "Buffoon of the Year" honors bestowed upon the truly deserving!


GENE BERARDELLI was born and raised in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Manhattan College with a B.A.  in Government and International Studies and his Juris Doctorate from Quinnipiac University School of Law – at age 23, He is currently a successful practicing civil litigator with a seven figure settlement to his name.

A sought-after speaker on Election Law and politics, Gene served on the Kings County (NY) Republican Executive Committee (2007 - 2015) as Chairman of the Law Committee (2011 - 2015), where he worked with Republican attorneys to help grow the Party in the "People's Republic of New York City" as part of a leadership team that pulled off near-impossible wins for seats in state and congressional elections. Gene also successfully tried the closest re-count in NY State Senate history! For his work with the Republican Party, Gene was honored as Brooklyn Young Republican of the Year in 2012, was Brooklyn GOP Counselor of the Year in 2014.

Gene is the founder of Behind Enemy Lines - he handles the bookings and all the technical nuts and bolts that make the show happen while trying to be the ringleader of what sometimes turns into a three-ring circus run amok!  He mostly moderates the debate, but can go off on a rant with the best of 'em!

RUSSELL GALLO has both academic and real-world political experience.  He earned a B.A. in Government from John Jay College, and an M.A. in Political Science from Brooklyn College.  Russell has served in many leadership capacities  as a candidate, elected party official for the Brooklyn GOP (2005 - 2015), and a coordinator in high-profile campaigns efforts for Congressman Bob Turner, John Catsimatidis, and well as founding President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans.

Russell is also no stranger to service.  Serving this nation for over 18 years in the U.S. Army (where he was an MP in Iraq in 2004-2005) Russell currently holds the rank of First Sergeant in the New York National Guard.  He is current a member of NY's Boldest, serving as a NYC Corrections Officer. 

Quite simply, Russell is the on-air engine that makes Behind Enemy Lines go.  His uncensored, no-holds-barred no-apologies style makes him a lightning rod that makes listeners think and react.  But he's not all bravado - he backs it up with spot-on political analysis.


Though there never seems to be enough microphones to go 'round, Behind Enemy Lines sometimes features some colorful, sometimes off-kilter, co-hosts that add some spice to the proceedings, including friends like Bill Davidson, "The Honorable" William P. O'Neill, III (pictured right!), and our friends Vito & Vito.

DIANA SEPULVEDA:  Through thick and thin, Diana Sepulveda has been the truest of friend of the show.  Formerly the Chair of the NY State Young Republicans, Diana is currently serving in her second term as Brooklyn Young Republicans President, and was  elected as Fianance Vice Chair of the Brooklyn GOP in 2013. And, she's a force on the campaign trail - an expert in field operations, organizing campaign volunteers and she is a whiz with Microsoft Excel (you laugh, but that has saved our butts on campaigns annually!) Diana is a regular contributor to the show on-air and online and brings a much-needed female prospective to our boys-club of a show - she keeps us grounded, opens up the studio (a/k/a her apartment!) and is as passionate about conservative politics as anyone you'll meet.

We've recently added a whole roster of talent bloggers who contribute to the show on air and online her eon the blog!

Our newest - and honestly, most well-known - hales from all the way across the pond!

When ANDRE WALKER is not acting as Lobby Correspondent at the New York Observer covering the work of the British Parliament and Prime Minister, he's sounding off about politics and pop culture across the pond and has burst on the national political scene as a commentator and as part of Behind Enemy Lines! A political staffer for 15 years before becoming a journalist, Andre Walker brings a unique perspective to American politics mixed with a singular sarcastic wit - but does so more on an international stage these days!

Then there is our good long-time friend AMANDA KOHUT, who has been an amazing friend on the show and has agreed to write for us. Amanda is a former registered lobbyist in Washington D.C. and has a graduate degree from The George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management where was awarded a GW Fellowship in Spring 2013.   She has campaigned for Republicans in eleven states.  Most notably, she was the Director of Research for Bob Turner’s historic 2011 victory, when he won New York’s 9th Congressional District seat.  She was invited to join his Congressional staff, and was a Legislative Assistant in his Washington D.C. office. And she is the voice of the so-called "Establishment" wing of the Party here at BEL, and is currently entrenched in her family business. So don't bother her!

And then there's MATTHEW FAIRLEY, ESQ., (yes, another attorney).  Matt not only replaced Gene as Brooklyn GOP Law Chairman for a short time (Thanks, Matt!), but he is an astute political observer, and one of the wittiest people you'll meet.  Matt formally acted as an attorney for the Brooklyn Young Republicans and is a veteran of several campaigns. He is also fluent in sarcasm and can string words together to form thoughts with the best of 'em. Matt is responsible for some of the funniest rants on the show, and is credited with developing the "Sharpton" scale of Buffoonery, and is the show's foremost expert in the field. 

NAT PAUL is our newest - and youngest - contributor. He was born in Australia with dual citizenship, and grew up travelling between there and the US. At 19, he enlisted in the US Army Reserve. Nat believes that a career of service is an important prerequisite for political office. He graduated from The Citadel: The Military College of South Carolina, with a degree in Political Science, a focus in International Affairs, and a minor in East Asia Studies.

And of course, there's  JACOB "Yak Attack" BARD.  Yak is more than just a pretty face.  He's a loyal friend to the show, a great campaign volunteer, and a more than fair blogger when he chooses to write for the site.  Sure, he can be a bit zany on air (especially on "No Medication Wednesdays"), but the show wouldn't be the same without him!.

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