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People in politics are finally using the "F-Word" openly and freely.

Fraud. Specifically, voter fraud, that is.

I was asked in a circle of some heavy political hitters "What is the one thing 'we' could put money behind to win an election? Online advertising? Social Media? Mail out flyers? Short Video? TV? Radio?"

My response was quick and simple. Fix voter fraud.

With the media and voters fixated on this topic because another Florida recount is looming, candidates are running to courts for judges to issue injunctions, take possession of ballots and machines and with voluminous litigation with no end in sight

I bet a few of my political constituents are thinking more about my suggestion I gave: that an updated voting machine and safer process will help stop rampant voter fraud:


Picture this: A simple touch screen that gives party line vote options, then a choice to individually cast a ballot for a candidate per electoral race or ballot referendum, amendment or proposal.

Before the final vote is accepted, you get a final breakdown of the votes you cast on the screen one last time and a prompt of secondary acceptance of choice that the voter needs to affirm.

Here's an example of such a prompt: "Do you accept these choices for your vote?"  If you touch yes, it's followed by a "Thank you your vote has been processed" and the computer will take a screenshot for digital record. If the votes do not match you can go back and make desired changes.

Paper ballots allow for the more likelihood of voter fraud. With technology today, it is not so unreasonable to use a touch screen system.  Everyone uses touch screens everyday. They are inexpensive and easy to use.  Real Time touch screen voting along with my other suggestions I make will prevent "Ballot Stuffing."


But back to my ideal process: after acceptance of your vote, the machine spits out two receipts are printed up  - one for the voter, one for the election officials - with the election date, time you voted, live time voting number count, appropriate barcodes for purposes of any machine recount if later deemed necessary, and an additional machine-generated random tracking number code.

Sound familiar? This is the same method all businesses monitor their POS (Point of Sale) cash registers. This is very easy to do, and again, the process is commonplace.  The software can tally votes after every completed transaction.

The voter then takes the "official" ballot receipt and personally inserts it into a 3rd-party independent lock box with bag that is carefully monitored by a law enforcement (maybe even the National Guard, if needed) and/or election officials.


These officials would not know what precinct they work at until the day of the election or at least within 24 hours of election day and are randomly chosen. This would make so "Voter Fraud Election Teams" can't be formed year after year.  Again switching staff up is common practice in business to prevent theft.


There should also be a body counter, like those used in night clubs and, again, relatively inexpensive (it looks like a standard metal detector.) Voters would walk through this for a manual body count.  This would count how many physical bodies came into vote and can be compared to overall vote count.


My point is: technology is being under-utilized. Touch screen is one commonplace improvement. So are thumbprint identification scanners, which businesses like tanning salons or fitness gyms often use, which can verify non-duplicate votes. In fact, many counties use thumbprint as a voting standard. Even a simple cameras in the facility to monitor votes and how they are stored would be helpful - we all carry cameras on us everyday!


Finally, some form of ID should be presented before voting. Even  Mexico does it.


There are deceased people voting, non-citizen votes, duplicate votes, under age voters and improperly registered votes.

It is far to long for a federally mandated voter role audit of the entire United States of America's Voter Registration List. Start with a simple Registered Voter Social Security Number match to Death Certificate and Citizenship.

But Jact: "What if I don't have and ID?"

If you don't have an ID, you can still vote. I would ask to take a picture of you on the spot like they do in the post office and attach that picture to their ballot. Also, the county Board of Elections can mail you a Non Verified Voter ID Card for next time. The vote would be noted as a "Non-ID Unverified Vote"

But Jact:  "What about people who want to vote early and are out of state or the area."

Early voting can still be done within an agreed-upon time period (like 2 weeks) at designated Federal/State poll site where the process is similar. We can punch up your voting registration based on your voter identification number (which everyone who registers to vote is already assigned) or by zip code and find out which election district is yours. You can vote right then and there.

But Jact:  "My grandmother is wheelchair bound with a breathing machine. Would she still be allowed to vote?"

Sorry to hear about granny, but of course she can vote. I never said that we'd do away with mailing out absentee ballots for extenuating circumstances. It happens now. A simple request for an absentee ballot (otherwise known as an absentee application) only asks for reasons for the request, like "Disabled" or "Cant walk to a polling station near me." are already accepted. The only change I would make is that ID would be required upon request, or at least information like phone number and address must match what is on file to verify the voter. Another change would be that, upon delivery, a signed certified mail receipt or presentation of  ID in the case of hand delivery would be needed.

But Jact: "What if I have: No Phone Number, No ID, No verifiable address, I can't make it to a polling place within 2 weeks of the election, can't provide a picture of myself in any way shape of form, and any other number of stupid reasons why I cant verify who I am, but I registered to vote online or through a registration card handed to me by somebody I met one day and can't recall where it was. Can I still vote? Should my vote count?

Wow, you got issues! But yes, you can still vote through a mail-in or provisional ballot and have you somehow prove who you are after the election, but can't promise your vote would count.

Obviously, all voter fraud can't be stopped, but some business solutions can shrink the risk to a smaller margin.

Until the Democrats invent a new way to steal elections.

And that's the JACT Perspective. 


If this issue is as important to you as it is to me, email these suggestions (CUT and PASTE this article) to the White House and contact the Justice Department to ask them what they are doing to combat voter fraud.

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